CyberProtonics Adds National Defense and Security Veterans Don Codling and the Honorable Jay M. Cohen to Its Technical Advisory Board

CyberProtonics, trailblazers in quantum-resistant data protection, is pleased to announce the appointment of two national defense and security veterans to its Technical Advisory Board; retired FBI Cyber Division Unit Chief Don Codling; and retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Jay M. Cohen. 

The new advisory board members bring significant cybersecurity experience to bear in their new roles, including:

  • During his career at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Don Codling worked for more than 23 years in a variety of investigative programs focusing on International Cyber Crime and Cyber National Security Operations. While at the FBI Cyber Division, Codling was chairman for several years of the Strategic Alliance Cyber Crime Working Group for the Five Eyes (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States. Codling also served as Chief Liaison officer from the FBI to DHS-US CERT and DHS-ICS CERT.
  • At the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Rear Admiral Cohen assumed responsibility for evaluating, procuring, and coordinating the department’s science and technology assets as well as responsibility across the 22 components of DHS for test and evaluation. In addition, as Chief of Naval Research, Cohen was the Department of the Navy’s Chief Technology Officer in wartime, responsible for the Navy and Marine Corps Science and Technology Program to rapidly meet combat technology needs.

"We are thrilled to welcome Don and Jay to the CyberProtonics team. Having them join the advisory board marks a significant milestone for us as we deliver easy-to-adopt, affordable, quantum-resistant encryption technology to protect our customers’ valuable data," said Greg Welch, CEO, CyberProtonics. "As renowned national security experts, the leadership and insights they bring will undoubtedly accelerate our journey toward a world where quantum-resistant, end-to-end encryption is the standard and the availability and theft of unencrypted data becomes a thing of the past."

“I am proud to be assisting CyberProtonics in its work providing the next-generation platform to help companies strengthen their cybersecurity posture in this ever-evolving threat landscape,” said Jay M. Cohen. “CyberProtonics cryptosystem can reduce the risk of ransomware and enables CISOs and their organizations to achieve ‘best practices’ results around cybersecurity metrics including regulatory compliance or cost reductions in cyber liability insurance coverage.”

“I’m delighted to work with CyberProtonics as they work toward industry adoption of post-quantum cryptography (PQC) as a de facto standard – something which is vital to our future national security,” said Don Codling. “Greg and the team have ensured that their technology stack is fast, lightweight, and easy to integrate with existing cybersecurity solutions. These are essential elements for widespread adoption, and I look forward to working with them as they engage with organizations on this endeavor.”

As members of CyberProtonics Technical Advisory Board, Codling and Cohen will offer expert counsel on product development endeavors, advise on the company's strategic initiatives, and provide invaluable insights into market dynamics to help shape the company's trajectory. Their collaborative efforts with the CyberProtonics Technical Advisory Board and senior executives will help drive the implementation of PQC across organizations looking to increase the security of their data in an increasingly complex threat landscape.

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CyberProtonics is at the forefront of cybersecurity, offering the fastest, most robust quantum-resistant, software-based cryptosystem available. We render data useless to malicious actors with end-to-end encryption that is easy to adopt and effortlessly integrated into your existing systems. Ideal for a wide range of diverse applications from the Internet of Things (IoT) to complex databases, our powerful cryptosystem safeguards information in transit and at rest without compromising on speed or performance. From today’s malicious ransomware to tomorrow’s quantum computing, hackers are completely disarmed with CyberProtonics. 

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