Daler Mehndi "Pledges A Million Trees" Through DM Green Drive.

World Environment Day(June 05) is a perfect opportunity for all to get involved in something which is critical for our future.

World Environment Day (June 05)is a perfect opportunity for all to get involved in something which is critical for our future. According to DM Green Drive, it is a day for people from all walks of life to come together and work together to save our environment and leave a greener and healthier legacy.
Daler Mehndi Green Drive (DM Green Drive) since its inception in May 1998 has been working unconditionally towards fulfilling its objective to create a greener environment. Daler Mehndi, the mind behind the Green Drive, advocates pure and clean living both within i.e. the soul and without i.e. the environment. Not only does the pop singer advocates these ideas but also lives by setting an example. Everywhere that Mehndi goes, along goes a sapling. From Vellore to Chamba, from South Africa to Melbourne, Mehndi plants a tree wherever he goes.
Reaffirming his commitments towards fulfilling a cleaner and greener environment, Daler Mehndi Green Drive will officially launch an exciting new Greening initiative - 'Pledge A Million' on this World Environment day. DM Green Drive through this initiative pledges to plant ONE MILLION saplings by the next World Environment Day i.e. June 05, 2012.
"In an endeavor to a cleaner greener World, it is time for each individual to come forward and contribute to the environment in his own capacity, even if it means planting just a tree each. The road that we travel is long, but with hands joined together, the destination can be pulled nearer and within reach. We don't need to wait for tomorrow. It is my sincere appeal to all of you to make this dream a reality..... Think Clean Go Green" quoted Mehndi.
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