Debut Novel, "Scoop Baby," Compels Belief in Miracles; Reveals Baby Scoop Era Truths

Local author, H.T. Sawyer, releases "Scoop Baby ...It Is Time", a story of mother and daughter separated at birth during the 'Baby Scoop Era'. God counters heartbreak and weaves his plan as readers remind themselves to breathe throughout the pages of this magnetic novel.

Rhoda, a teenager, is unmarried and pregnant during the ‘Baby Scoop Era’, when coerced adoption affected as many as 16 million Americans.* She must leave home; to return, she is to relinquish her baby and stay quiet. She resists. She means to keep her child and with her sister, makes plans. Chaos enters; she’s told her baby died. Refusing to believe, Rhodie also refuses forgiveness. Still, she allows God to hold a small place in her heart.

Shirley is raised in a sealed record state. Legal lies on amended birth certificates are viewed as necessity. There are problems with things of the night, unmerciful schoolmates and most of all, Momma. Shirley matures; God finds passage into her heart, brings healing, and then speaks three words: “It is time!” Shirley dives into an impossible search. Uncanny miracles unfold and lives are forever changed.

"'Scoop Baby' is a one of a kind read encapsulating the importance of faith for miraculous wonders… fearlessly written with a delicate attunement to characters' anger, hurt and hopes and is not for the faint of heart, as she [Sawyer] exposes Shirley's vulnerabilities throughout her spiritual and personal growth. Readers will find Sawyer's book both enlightening and informative, as they bear witness to God's undying power."

Xulon Press, Publisher


* Adoption: In the Best Interest of Whom? Joe Soll and Karen Wilson Buterbaugh


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