Dentists in Aventura, Kane Dental, Provide an All-in-One Dental Solution for Families

Kane Dental, a locally owned dentist in Aventura, provides a one-stop-shop for families in need of dental services. At Kane Dental, their team of dentists provides a full-service solution to dental services, including cosmetic dentistry, endodontics and dental implants. The dentists at Kane Dental in Aventura are committed to gaining their patients' trust by providing dental services in a friendly and relaxed environment. The all-in-one dental office is now accepting new patients in Aventura.

Kane Dental, Dentists in Aventura, has served Miami community for over 55 years

Serving the Miami area for over five decades, the team at Kane Dental is committed to providing the best in quality care. Working together to ensure their customers feel good about their smile, the staff assess their patient’s mouth and then create a customized plan for their dental health journey. To best help their patients, the dentists at Kane Dental offer a variety of services all in one location.

A family dentist in Aventura also provides cosmetic dentistry and endodontics in one location.

Offering such a large selection of services makes Kane Dental a complete solution for people looking for a dentist in Aventura.  Their dentists provide much more than standard general dentistry services for families. When additional dental services are required, they are also handled by the team at Kane Dental. Under one roof, they offer general dentistry, teeth whitening, Invisalign, and dental implants. They provide bridges, crowns and veneers. Since their patients trust them, keeping these dental services all under one roof helps make needing a dentist less stressful for people they treat.

Schedule an appointment with trusted dentists in Aventura, Florida, by calling 305-882-9534.

Senior dental care is also provided by these compassionate dentists in Aventura.

The dentists at Kane Dental help treat aging adults. More susceptible to tooth loss, it’s estimated that 25% of seniors have lost all of their teeth. A unique and skilled dental approach is needed to prevent that loss and also to maintain mouth health after tooth loss. 

Get an appointment with a dentist in Aventura by calling Kane Dental at 305-882-9534.

Kane Dental, a dentist in Aventura, is open six days a week for their patients.

Kane Dental's team of dentists offers general dentistry, bridges, dental implants, crowns, and veneers to their patients Monday through Saturday. Dr. Alex Gruenberg also provides emergency dentist services on Saturday, until 2 p.m., for those with cracked or broken teeth.

Families can take advantage of the services offered at the one-stop-shop dentist by visiting their office, located in the Loehmann’s Fashion Island Center in Aventura, Florida. Dentists at Kane Dental can provide a clear path to a more healthy mouth for the whole family. For more information about these dentists in Aventura, visit them online at the link provided. To schedule an appointment, future Kane Dental patients can call 305-882-9534 to reach one of their knowledgeable staff members.  

Kane Dental is responsible for this press release.

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