Dimers Launches New B2B Sports Betting Service: Dimers for Business

Dimers, a leading player in the sports betting predictive modeling industry, has today announced the launch of its new B2B sports betting service: Dimers for Business. Tailored for various types of business, Dimers for Business provides a seamless way for sports media publishers and operators to boost their revenue and audience engagement through sports betting.

Dimers’ new suite of B2B products aims to be a game changer for companies of all kinds. This includes sportsbook operators, media companies, news publishers, sports blogs, fan websites, and fantasy sports platforms that are seeking to integrate sports betting technology into their existing platforms and capitalize on the sports betting boom.

Developed over nearly a decade, Dimers for Business uses the latest in advanced machine learning technology to provide users with betting predictions and insights derived from over 10,000 simulations for each of the 20,000 sporting events covered annually. This allows Dimers’ proprietary technology to provide end users with highly accurate predictions of match outcomes that can enhance the enjoyment of end users’ favorite sports and potentially increase their betting activity.

Dimers for Business strives to offer a highly accessible platform that caters to companies of all sizes and budgets. Companies can either integrate Dimers’ APIs, augment their existing platform, or create a standalone white-lable platform that is customizable. For those that don’t opt for API integration, the platform also offers plug-and-play sports predictions and betting insights widgets. Additionally, partners can tap into Dimers’ affiliate licenses in every legal U.S. state, thus reducing market-entry challenges related to licensing, paperwork, and compliance.

“We are very excited to finally bring this new service to market,” said Adam Fiske, Cipher Sports Technology Group CEO. “The U.S. sports betting industry has seen rapid expansion over the last few years, and through Dimers for Business, we hope to empower others to stay ahead of the competition while also providing end-users with a new way to engage with their favorite sports.”

About Dimers for Business

Dimers for Business, powered by Cipher Sports Technology Group, is a leading provider of sports betting technology. Built by a team of seasoned data scientists and analysts with extensive experience in sports betting and fantasy, Dimers for Business offers usable predictions and insights to help sportsbook operators, media companies, news publishers, sports blogs, fan websites, and fantasy sports platforms maximize revenue and engagement.

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