Dr. David Margulies and Dr. Hal C. Lewis Present HEALING and REGENERATING the INJURED BRAIN

Recent advances in biomolecular medicine and biotechnology will make it possible for the injured brain to regenerate.

Dr. David Margulies and Dr. Hal C Lewis Present Healing and Regenerating the Injured Brain

Talks at Google, a global talk series, recently presented Healing and Regenerating the Injured Brain with Dr. Hal Lewis and Dr. David Margulies. Drs. Lewis and Margulies co-founded the Dan Lewis Foundation for Brain Regeneration Research in 2019 — with a mission to catalyze biomedical research and drug development that promotes brain cell regeneration and better levels of functional recovery for people with moderate and severe traumatic brain injuries.

In 2007, Dan Lewis (Dr. Lewis' son), then a rising junior at Yale University, was hit by a speeding motorist in Kansas as he biked a 4,000-mile route across America to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity. His injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, were nearly fatal, but Dan survived and has persisted for many years since the accident. For Dan and hundreds of thousands of individuals across the globe, recovery from severe brain injury is both limited and painstakingly slow.  

Now, recent startling advances in biotechnology, molecular medicines, imaging, and mapping of the human genome have unlocked the potential for new treatments that will lead to brain repair and regeneration of brain cells. Over the past two years, the Dan Lewis Foundation ("DLF") has assembled a world-class group of scientists who have volunteered their time and expertise to create a neuroscientific research agenda that holds real promise for brain repair and regeneration. The DLF's 1st Annual Summit Meeting on Brain Regeneration Research was held in Boston in August of 2021 to specify further the DLF's research blueprint. A full report on this meeting's outcomes is available on the DLF's website at www.DanLewisFoundation.org.

There are hundreds of thousands of individuals, including veterans, victims of auto and biking accidents, athletes in contact sports, children who have suffered traumatic injuries, and many others who will benefit from emerging biomedical and biotechnological interventions to improve their functional recovery and their capacity to participate more fully in family and community life.

Currently, the Dan Lewis Foundation is raising funds to support research to create treatments that stimulate brain cell regeneration and meaningful functional recovery. Detailed information on the DLF can be found at www.DanLewisFoundation.org or by contacting lyndah801@gmail.com.  

Source: The Dan Lewis Foundation for Brain Regeneration Research


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