DroneBase Scales Solar Energy Inspections With North American Solar Scan Flights

Manned Aircraft Flights Reduce Costs and Simplify Aerial Thermal Inspections for Utilities, Solar Energy Portfolio Owners, Operators and Financiers

North American Solar Scan (NASS)

DroneBase, the leader in intelligent aerial imaging, is simplifying aerial inspections of solar energy assets through its expanded manned flights program — North American Solar Scan (NASS), scheduled for spring and fall 2022. 

"Our North American Solar Scan makes it simple to get an annual health check on solar energy systems. One click and your utility-scale solar energy system or entire distributed portfolio can be scanned as part of our spring NASS flight route," said Mark Culpepper, GM Global Solar Solutions. Culpepper oversees both the NASS and drone solar plant inspections programs at DroneBase.  

DroneBase conducts NASS scans via manned aircraft twice a year — spring and fall — to coincide with solar energy's peak performance. Solar power plant owners, operators, and financiers can click here to determine their solar project's eligibility for thermal imaging inspections via the NASS flyovers. 

The NASS flight routes cover every major solar market in both Canada, including Ontario, and the United States, including California, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Massachusetts, and more. 

DroneBase NASS clients receive the same actionable thermal inspection reports as provided through a drone inspection. As part of some clients' routine solar monitoring programs, DroneBase delivers thermal inspections by both NASS flights and by drones. Thermal inspections by drones are particularly effective for systems in urban or emerging markets and for spot inspections; inspections by manned flights are used most often for utility-scale systems or large distributed portfolios. 

"DroneBase has been instrumental in helping us scale solar assets and inspections across North America. Their ability to provide 100 percent aerial coverage by using drones and manned aircraft gives them a tremendous competitive advantage. We look forward to growing our partnership with DroneBase as our portfolio grows," said Jamie Mordarski, Director of Operations & Maintenance, Americas at SMA. 

"Both the number and size of solar energy systems are growing exponentially. It's not enough to deploy a system and hope it will generate as much clean energy as possible. These systems must be inspected annually. But doing that once or twice a year can be a significant operational burden for owners and operators. We continually invest in automation, AI, and machine learning so that our clients can focus on what matters most — growing their portfolio and delivering as much clean energy as possible," said Dan Burton, CEO of DroneBase. 

DroneBase also provides intelligent aerial imaging services to insurers and owners/operators of high-value infrastructure, such as commercial real estate complexes and wind energy farms in North America, EMEA, and APAC. 

To learn more about DroneBase and intelligent aerial imaging solutions, visit dronebase.com.

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