DuploCloud Welcomes Fast-Growing AI/ML Startups to Its Customer Roster

Innovative DevOps platform helps companies like Azibo, BlocPower, Clearstep, Galileo, Immersa, and Lily streamline operations and accelerate time-to-market.

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DuploCloud, the industry pioneer for DevOps automation and built-in compliance, announced its participation in the Startup Grind Global Conference, happening April 23-24 in Redwood City, California. This event marks a significant milestone for DuploCloud as it unveils its latest customers, showcasing the company's commitment to providing cutting-edge DevOps solutions to businesses across leading-edge sectors.

DuploCloud has added several new Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning companies to its roster of over 150 clients from top-tier venture capital firms, including Mayfield, A16Z, Y-Combinator and others. This impressive customer roster highlights DuploCloud's role in enabling these companies to achieve operational excellence and enhanced security through advanced DevOps automation and compliance frameworks.

Venkat Thiruvengadam, CEO of DuploCloud, expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming event: “The Startup Grind Global Conference presents an invaluable opportunity for us to showcase the versatility and impact of our DevOps automation platform. And we are particularly proud to announce our new clients, which reflect the broad applicability and effectiveness of our solutions across a wide range of industries.”

Wontaek Shin, Chief Technology Officer of Azibo, commented on their experience with DuploCloud, saying, “Partnering with DuploCloud has been a game-changer for Azibo. We’ve transformed our approach to infrastructure, going from manual, error-prone processes to a streamlined, code-driven system that enhances our agility. DuploCloud's expertise has been crucial in this transition, and we're excited for the cost savings and operational simplifications this will bring as we continue to grow.”

To contact DuploCloud about meeting at the Global Conference, visit https://duplocloud.com/company/contact-us/. 

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DuploCloud is the industry's only low-code/no-code DevOps Automation platform, designed to make DevOps and Infrastructure-as-Code accessible for all developers. Founded by the original engineers from Microsoft Azure and AWS, our software platform puts DevOps on autopilot, virtually eliminating the need for DevOps hiring and is tailor-made to empower developer self-service across growing startups, SMBs, and platform engineering teams. The DuploCloud platform translates high-level application specifications into meticulously managed cloud configurations, allowing organizations to streamline operations while maintaining rigorous security, availability, and compliance standards. Investors of the company include WestBridge Capital, StepStone Group, Mayfield and Monta Vista Capital. Learn more at https://duplocloud.com/.

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DuploCloud is the industry’s only end-to-end low-code/no-code DevOps automation and compliance platform, designed to make DevOps and Infrastructure-as-Code accessible for everyone. Founded in 2017 and built by the original engineers of Microsoft Azure and AWS, the software platform helps startups, SMBs, and companies that are building enterprise-grade applications or migrating to the cloud, save time and money. The DuploCloud platform translates high-level application specifications into detailed and fully managed cloud configurations utilizing best practices around security, availability, and compliance guidelines. Investors in the company include Mayfield and Monta Vista Capital. Learn more at https://duplocloud.com/.

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