Easy Backup, Enhanced Availability, and User-friendly Interface in Handy Backup for Android

Novosoft LLC, one of the world leading providers of data backup solutions, released a new version of Handy Backup for Android featuring rich backup functionality delivered via an intuitive interface

Novosoft, an international software development and IT consultancy company, announced the release of a new version of Handy Backup for Android. The utility presents simple interface, integration with secured online backup service, and functionality to back up messages, call logs, contacts, and SD card data. The app supports API v2.0 - 2.2. The utility now can be downloaded from the official Handy Backup site besides being traditionally available on Android Market.

"Here in the Handy Backup team we believe in scalable simplicity of application functionality. As you run Handy Backup for Android, actually there are a single major button to back the whole Android thing up and a button to restore. However, as soon as you wish to see the details, e.g. change backup task settings, delete old out-of-date backups, check out scheduling, there is some previously minimized friendly interface waiting to be opened. No registration, minimal number of steps, and maximal simplicity ", said Alexander Prichalov, the head of Novosoft Development Department.

Handy Backup for Android (http://www.handybackup.net/android-backup.shtml ) is designed for backup of Android API 2.0 - 2.2. The app backs up contacts (names, phone numbers, emails, etc.), call logs, messages, browser history and bookmarks, and SD card data. Contacts are saved in the VCard format and can be imported to Outlook or other messaging software.

The backup tasks can be managed in a friendly intuitive interface. A user can browse all backup tasks, change backup settings, and restore after factory reset. The security of backed up data is supported by encryption.
The app is free and can be downloaded from the official Handy Backup site (http://www.handybackup.net/ ) and Android Market.

About Handy Backup for Android

Handy Backup for Android is a free standalone application for backup of mobile devices operating under Android OS. The app backs up contacts, messages, call logs, and data from SD cards. The backups might be browsed and managed in the app cabinet accessible directly in a mobile device. The app is freely available on Android Market and the official Handy Backup site.

About Handy Backup

Handy Backup is a family of data backup and recovery software for home and enterprise. The product line consists of solutions for individual PCs (Handy Backup Standard, Professional, and Full), servers (Handy Backup Server), and Android mobile devices (Handy Backup for Android). The software prices vary from $0 for Handy Backup for Android to $599 for Handy Backup Server. For more information, please feel encouraged to refer to http://www.handybackup.net/
About Novosoft

Novosoft LLC was established in 1992. The company specializes in software development and IT consultancy. Novosoft is known as one of the world leading developers of data backup, disaster recovery, and synchronization software. Among company's partners there are Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Motorola, Stanford University, and many others. The high quality of the company's products is justified by numerous awards and stable customer satisfaction. For more information, please visit http://www.novosoft-us.com

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