Easytork Recognized for Product Innovation

St. Louis company earns best practices award from Frost & Sullivan

Easytork Automation is named recipient of the Frost & Sullivan North American New Product Innovation Award in the pneumatic actuators market for the valves industry.

Easytork’s patented quarter turn vane-type pneumatic actuator replaces the spring typically needed to achieve fail-safe operation with an air reservoir that is integral to the actuator housing. This unique pneumatic actuator offers improved reliability and direct mount function while simplifying the single-acting design to make vane actuators smaller, lighter, and more competitive than single-acting rack-and-pinion actuators on every measurable scale.

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Easytork’s innovative delivery of an economical, reliable, efficient, and safe pneumatic actuator that addresses the challenges posed by conventional spring-type pneumatic actuator designs. The award commends the value Easytork’s product line creates across the entire value chain.

On selecting Easytork, Frost & Sullivan stated, “The Easytork Vane Actuator (EVA) is a breakthrough product in the pneumatic actuators market as it provides increasing flexibility and reliability and reduces the total cost of ownership by reducing product cost and operational expenses. The EVA combines the benefits of the rack-and-pinion and vane actuators and stands ahead of other pneumatic actuators available in the market. The EVA’s unique value proposition is set to disrupt the pneumatic fail-safe actuators market.”

“We are honored to be the recipient of this prestigious award,” said George Wang, president of Easytork. “The award further confirms our vision for a smarter and easier actuator and the positive impact it is having on our end users across a diverse range of applications.”

Frost & Sullivan Awards follow a 10-step process to evaluate award candidates and assess their fit across select best practices criteria. The reputation and integrity of the Awards are based on close adherence to this process. The firm’s 360-degree research methodology represents the analytical rigor of its research process, offering a 360-degree-view of industry challenges, trends, and issues by integrating all seven of Frost & Sullivan’s research methodologies into an evaluation platform for benchmarking industry players and identifying those performing at best-in-class levels.

About Easytork Automation Corporation

Easytork is a manufacturer of patented high-performance quarter-turn rotary pneumatic vane actuators and associated valve automation products. Easytork’s business principle is to provide clients the easiest actuator experience through Easytork's innovative and high-quality products and services. Easytork is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Visit easytork.com for more information.

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