Elecard Boro Monitoring System Was Deployed on Globecast's Cloud Playout Platform for Premium-Quality Video

Globecast, the global solutions provider for media and content management, has deployed Elecard's Boro monitoring system as part of its market-leading cloud playout infrastructure.

Globecast deploys Elecard monitoring sistem

Globecast is migrating customers from traditional hardware-based operations to the cloud. To help ensure a smooth development, implementation and operation of the cloud platform, Globecast chose the Boro IPTV software monitoring system from Elecard.

Boro is a client-server application consisting of two parts: software probes and a server designed to collect and process statistics. Probes were installed both on Windows and Linux virtual machines, as well as various workstations on-premise. The system is used to monitor 75 channels in SRT, RTP and HLS formats. Probes were optimized for raising alarms pertinent to a particular location and in a particular format. Boro was used as a troubleshooting tool during initial POC tests and as a full-time monitoring system to check activities in the cloud and gain full end-to-end QoS confidence for terrestrial endpoints.

Chris Pulis, CTO Globecast Americas, said, "We knew that finding an all-encompassing solution for quality control was paramount for the success of cloud projects. With many cloud services' built-in data centers with shared foundations, we expected a greater number of resources were needed during the initial tests. The ideal solution needed to be a flexible, pay-per-usage cost model to support a greater number of resources on-demand that would diminish over time once we got closer to the final assembly. Boro is a very powerful lightweight tool in a software package that can be optimized by shutting off unnecessary functions, which further reduces overhead and operational costs."

Elecard support provided the guidance to combine and tag services at different locations. This meant that operators could use a consolidated view of the service bouquet delineated by probes, regardless of their location, rather than seeing the same bouquet across each individual probe. This greatly improves the bottom line to pinpoint trouble areas providing faster reaction times and lessening any consequence of human errors. The architecture also means that users could share data and collaborate with partners thanks to remote access to probes.

"We deployed probes within minutes. The biggest benefit of this solution is the intuitive user interface, and the immediate practicality it provides with the minimal amount of training needed. Pricing tied to service counts rather than number of instances eliminated any stress factors around costly one-off deployments in critical areas," commented Anton Proshutya, Elecard Boro Product Manager.


Elecard develops and provides video compression solutions, analyzers of media streams and compressed video bitstreams, and QoS & QoE probes for real-time video monitoring. https://www.elecard.com/ [email protected]


Globecast helps customers to manage content and to deliver it wherever, however and whenever required. The company provides agile and seamless content acquisition, management and distribution services globally, constantly innovating and investing in new technologies to create customer-centric new services. www.globecast.com

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