energyware™ Announces Addition of Energy Procurement Department

Procurement services offered will help companies manage their energy sustainability initiatives and carbon neutrality targets

energyware™, a leading national provider of energy-efficient technology solutions, is expanding its offerings with the addition of energy procurement services under a newly formed Energy Procurement Department. With its national footprint and access to over 100 major suppliers, energy procurement will transform energyware™ into a one-stop-shop for its customers and their energy, sustainability, and efficiency needs and goals, further separating energyware™ from a majority of its competitors.

"I am very pleased to announce the addition of Energy Procurement Services for deregulated markets to energyware™'s portfolio," said energyware™ CEO Jake Jacques. "I have been in the energy sector brokering natural gas, crude oil and electricity space for 28 years and felt it was time to finally merge JOX Energy Services into energyware™ and offer energy procurement services to our clients. This was done to provide a turnkey energy solution. With the newly combined services and the ability to buy RECs now, energyware™ will be poised to help companies with their energy sustainability initiatives and carbon neutrality targets under one umbrella."

Energy procurement is the sourcing of fuel or electricity that a business needs to power its operations. Procurement happens in states that allow for a competitive supply of energy, which is also known as deregulation. Some states are not deregulated and, in some situations, cities within a deregulated market are municipally managed and exempt from any type of competitive energy rate offers.

Utilizing energy procurement, businesses can mitigate risk and the cost associated with changes in weather, market volatility and other risks that pose threat to their portfolio. It also provides customers with budget certainty, allowing them to plan ahead knowing what rates they have locked in. Customers now have more options at their disposal and in some cases can receive aggregated group rates they wouldn't normally have access to. Their portfolio can be managed by the energyware™ team, who can advise clients of opportune times to lock in, hedge or even float on a market-based strategy with an option to lock in at ideal times.

energyware™ offers fixed, hybrid, and market-based strategies to maintain a customer's budget or play the market for them to take advantage of a good market. energyware™ also provides complimentary energy audits, quarterly updates, savings and budget analysis and market updates, in addition to market timing and education for customers who would like to have a better understanding of procurement and the influences that affect their rates.

Jacques and energyware™ have tabbed Jamie Wildes to serve as the Director of Energy Procurement. Wildes will work closely with energyware™ leadership and lead the team in growing and managing the trade desk.

"Our goal is to educate and make available all resources to our clients and provide them with an 'All in one energy solutions strategy' unique to each of their needs. Providing our expertise and ongoing focus on analytics and customizable solutions can prepare them for best and worst case scenarios," said Wildes. "Many companies do not have the capability of timing the market or finding resources to create an effective action plan that will protect their budget and give them a better outcome! Preparing our clients with options and guiding them is crucial and could literally mean the difference of whether they are able to 'keep the lights on'."

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A national provider of energy efficiency technology, energyware™ eliminates the guesswork of energy efficiency by bringing engineers, designers, best-in-breed manufacturing, and trained energy technology installers all under one umbrella.

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A national provider of Energy Efficiency technology.
EnergyWare eliminates the guess-work of Energy Efficiency by bringing engineers, designers, best in breed manufacturing and trained energy technology installers all under one umbrella.

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