EnigmaSoft Releases SpyHunter for Mac to Combat Mac Malware's Unprecedented Rise

EnigmaSoft has released SpyHunter for Mac, an anti-malware detection and removal program built with advanced technologies. SpyHunter for Mac delivers comprehensive security in an easy-to-use interface and helps Mac users to combat increasingly prevalent and evolving malware threats.

SpyHunter for Mac - Free Malware Detection & Removal Tool

EnigmaSoft Limited has released SpyHunter for Mac, a powerful malware detection and removal product that brings advanced security and optimization technologies designed for and compatible with macOS®. Although historically it was commonly perceived that Mac® computers were more secure and not as susceptible to malware attacks as Windows systems, this perception has changed dramatically in recent years as Mac malware prevalence and complexity has expanded exponentially across the globe, according to various reports.

SpyHunter for Mac is an anti-malware application that has been designed from the ground up to equip Mac users with the necessary tools to help keep their computer systems safe from today’s complex and ever-evolving malware threats. SpyHunter for Mac’s multi-layer scanner detects ransomware, trojans, viruses, botnets, adware, potentially unwanted programs, vulnerabilities, privacy issues (e.g., cookies) and unknown objects.

SpyHunter for Mac includes a vulnerability scanner that detects reported vulnerabilities in installed apps, which could potentially compromise a Mac system’s security and lead to data breaches, ransomware attacks and other disruptive issues. 

SpyHunter for Mac users can take advantage of its Optimization scan which offers easy-to-use features that locate and identify large and/or duplicate files that may unnecessarily waste valuable disk space. It can also flag unnecessary files such as application caches, app leftovers and other hard-to-locate files that users can selectively remove to free up additional disk space.

SpyHunter for Mac’s intuitive App Uninstaller feature provides users with a convenient way to easily uninstall unwanted apps. SpyHunter for Mac’s Startup Manager allows users to configure and fine-tune their Mac system startup settings to optimize the system boot process and custom tailor the user experience.

SpyHunter for Mac includes the Spyware HelpDesk, a built-in 24/7, one-on-one customer support service that directly connects SpyHunter subscribers and EnigmaSoft’s on-staff technical experts to provide assistance with malware issues.

To learn more and download SpyHunter for Mac (FREE!), please visit https://www.enigmasoftware.com/products/spyhunter/

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