Evergreen Podcasts Partners With Fast-Growing India-Based Podcast Company

This arrangement brings together two of the fastest-growing podcast networks into a global sales and distribution agreement.

Evergreen Podcasts

Evergreen Podcasts is proud to announce that it has signed a partnership agreement with Ideabrews, a full-stack audio solutions company based in India. Ideabrews is India's fastest-growing podcast network that creates, hosts, distributes, monetizes, and evangelizes podcasts and other audio formats. This arrangement will bring together two of the fastest-growing podcast networks into a global sales and distribution agreement.

Key details of this partnership included sharing podcasts and other audio content on both Evergreen and Ideabrews' own platform, Bingepods. Evergreen will launch a "Voices of India" channel page on its website that will offer both Hindi and English-language podcasts produced by Ideabrews. Evergreen will initially share 10 podcast shows on the Ideabrew network with more shows to follow in the coming months. Additionally, both companies have agreed to build a global sales network for all shows included in this agreement and to offer marketing and social media support for the covered shows.

"With a large diaspora in the US and North America, we are keen to push the reach of our shows and for our creators," said Aditya Kuber, CEO of Ideabrew Studios. "Working with Evergreen will ensure that we achieve this quickly and at scale," he added.

"India is Evergreen's fifth largest download market, and we want to continue that podcast growth," noted Michael C. DeAloia - CEO of Evergreen Podcasts, "and our partnership with Ideabrews is ideal to foster our expansion plans."

The partnership will launch in early 2023 with the official unveiling of key channel landing pages. The sales programs have already been initiated and hope to gain significant traction in 2023. Marketing and social media campaigns will be deployed to support the aims of the agreed-upon collaboration. 

About Evergreen Podcasts

Evergreen Podcasts' mission is to become the largest independent podcasting company worldwide, committed to a premier collection of shows from an international cast of storytellers. Offering global distribution and platforms for dynamic podcast growth, Evergreen produces content that celebrates modern influencers and personalities. Top thought leaders and breakout brands choose Evergreen to create inspiring stories through branded content, original shows, and partner podcasts. 

Our team specializes in comprehensive podcast production, creative marketing, and distribution solutions, connecting brands to a broader audience. The Company, which launched with four original podcasts in 2017, now manages over 200 shows across six unique podcast networks. Learn more about Evergreen Podcasts and check out our complete lineup of shows. Our storytelling podcasts have something for everyone. 

About Ideabrew Studios

Ideabrew Studios is a leading podcast production, hosting, distribution, and monetization business. We manage over 350 podcasts across various genres. Working with nearly 150 creators, we reach nearly 3 million listeners each month. If you are a creator, a brand or a storyteller, get in touch to see how we can work together. Ideabrew Studios also runs Bingepods - a fast-growing podcast destination where you can listen to all our shows, free! Bingepods is also available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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