Fairwinds Enhances Kubernetes Workload Cost Allocation Feature to Pinpoint Application Cloud Spend

New enhancements add multi-cluster cost monitoring and reporting to Fairwinds Insights

Fairwinds, the leading provider of Kubernetes governance software, today introduced major Workload Cost Allocation enhancements to Fairwinds Insights. Workload Cost Allocation allows Platform Engineering Managers to view the historical cost of a group of workloads and allocate spend to specific teams so companies can showback cost to stakeholders and identify areas for savings. 

The dynamic scheduling nature of Kubernetes makes it difficult to pinpoint costs at a workload, team or cluster level since a single node may be running dozens of workloads. Traditional cloud cost tools do not recognize this, requiring new or additional tooling to properly allocate costs across different business contexts. Without an understanding of actual cost, it is easy for Kubernetes to become a blackhole of cloud spend.

"Businesses are embracing Kubernetes to ship apps faster and utilize cloud infrastructure more efficiently. However, as more teams move their apps to Kubernetes, understanding the cost of workloads in multi-tenant clusters becomes opaque - leading to considerable overspending on resources," said Joe Pelletier, VP of Product at Fairwinds. "Platform Engineers need to do two things: allocate and showback costs in business-relevant contexts, and create engineering feedback loops to enable a culture of service ownership and cost avoidance."

With the new Workload Cost Allocation feature, Platform Engineering Managers can use actual cloud spend and workload usage to understand historical costs incurred across multiple clusters, aggregations, and custom time periods. Unlike traditional cost allocation solutions, Fairwinds Insights includes policy enforcement capabilities so Platform Engineers can automate metadata standards needed for cost allocation. According to the FinOps Foundation's State of FinOps 2022 survey, respondents aspire to allocate ~90% of resources but are only achieving ~14% today.

Workload Cost Allocation is the latest addition to Fairwinds Insights, the company's security, cost, compliance and guardrails platform. 


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