Fairwinds Insights Platform Now Certified by FinOps Foundation

Company continues its push to bring clarity to Kubernetes cloud spend

Fairwinds, the leading provider of Kubernetes governance software, today announced that its Fairwinds Insights platform has been certified by the FinOps Foundation. This accreditation validates that Fairwinds Insights is helping its users successfully adopt cloud financial management practices aligned with the FinOps Foundation framework and best practices. 

The FinOps Foundation is part of The Linux Foundation's non-profit technology consortium and is focused on advancing the people and practice of cloud financial management. Fairwinds has long been focused on Kubernetes service ownership and cost-optimization, making it a natural fit to collaborate with other companies interested in best practices to control spending in the cloud. 

"Our focus is to help stakeholders achieve insight into cloud spending and Fairwinds shares that focus," said Joe Daly, Director of Community at the FinOps Foundation. "Fairwinds Insights is well aligned to help engineers and DevOps teams better understand the cost of their work. We're excited for the knowledge Fairwinds brings to the Foundation and look forward to working together to bring the FinOps framework and best practices to a larger audience."       

Despite its dominance as the de facto container orchestration platform, Kubernetes is still new technology and configuration errors happen regularly, which can drive significant cost waste. In today's cloud-heavy landscape, developers can easily and inadvertently put a misconfigured cluster into Kubernetes without realizing its true cost. Without visibility into that cost until a bill arrives from the cloud service provider, it is easy to mistakenly spend tens of thousands of dollars - or more - monthly. 

"We are pleased to have Insights certified by the FinOps Foundation, as one of our key product goals is to provide visibility into cloud spend on applications running in Kubernetes," said Bill Ledingham, CEO of Fairwinds. "We believe that service ownership - giving developers the tools they need to own code and services from creation through production - is critical to helping organizations optimize resource utilization and control cloud costs. Our guardrails and best practices are helping clients get a handle on Kubernetes security, efficiency and cost, so we have a lot of expertise to bring to the group."

A significant portion of managing cloud costs in Kubernetes comes down to correct resource optimization. Fairwinds Goldilocks open source project helps DevOps and engineering teams identify a starting point for resource requests and limits while Fairwinds Insights software helps to rightsize Kubernetes workloads based on actual usage instead of estimates. Fairwinds has made several enhancements to Insights that deal with bringing transparency to Kubernetes cloud spend, including adding accurate cost allocation within Kubernetes by integrating with AWS billing data, and Quality of Service (QoS) controls to help with application rightsizing.


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Fairwinds is the trusted partner for Kubernetes governance and security. With Fairwinds, customers ship cloud-native applications faster, more cost-effectively and with less risk. Fairwinds provides a unified view between dev, sec and ops removing friction between those teams with software that simplifies complexity. The company is headquartered in Boston, MA, and provides a fully remote and distributed work environment. For more information, visit, read our blog or follow @FairwindsOps on Twitter.

About the FinOps Foundation
The FinOps Foundation (F2) is a non-profit trade association made up of FinOps practitioners around the world, including Atlassian, Autodesk, Gannett, HERE Technologies, Just Eat, Nationwide and Spotify. Grounded in real-world stories, expertise, and inspiration for and by FinOps practitioners, the FinOps Foundation is focused on codifying and promoting cloud financial management best practices and standards to help community members and their teams become better at cloud financial management. 

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