Fantasy Author R.T. Kaelin Publishes Family, The Second Collection of Short Stories Inspired By His Novel, Progeny

Family is the second bundled release of The Terrene Chronicles and include three tales inspired by the world of Terrene first seen in the high fantasy novel, Progeny. Numerous reviews have compared R.T. Kaelin's writing to the giants of the genre.

The success of R.T. Kaelin's first high fantasy novel, Progeny, along with repeated requests from his fans prompted the author to write and publish a set of standalone short stories inspired by the world he created in Progeny. Readers of the first volume in the Children of the White Lions demanded to know more about the expansive history and places of Terrene, and R.T. Kaelin responded. The Terrene Chronicles gives readers a chance to glimpse into the past to see what shaped the people, countries, and events of the world as well as important character from Progeny.

Family, published for the Kindle on April 22, 2011, contains the second trio of stories in The Terrene Chronicles. The three tales follow Thaddeus, a young man, orphaned at the age of seven, who has had a difficult turn in his life. Recently, fate seems to have smiled upon him as he has secured an apprenticeship with Master Claude, the top smith in all of Fernsford. Master Claude is a fair man, but tough on his young apprentice, and has been driving Thaddeus hard for the past year with never-ending, time-consuming tasks. After sneaking out for a secret celebration for his twentieth yearday, things change when Thaddeus' carelessness sets his life on a new path full of love, magic, and tragedy. For the convenience of R.T. Kaelin's readers, the three stories have been bound together to be published for various ebook distribution, most notably for the Kindle for only $.99.

"Merchant", a collection of the first three short stories, was in published for the Kindle on March 22nd, 2011 and focuses on a fan favorite character from Progeny, Nundle Babblebrook. The first story, titled "Market," reveals a moment in the past where the character's life changed forever, setting him on the path to where readers of Progeny first came in contact with him. The second entry in the "Merchant" story bundle, titled "Festival," revisits Nundle some years later and shows what a different direction his life has taken. The third and final story of the "Merchant" bundle was released, titled "Journey," and follows the unusual hero through a defining period of his life.

R.T. Kaelin, author of Progeny, recognizes that any author who hopes to be successful in the current book marketing environment must meet the demands of the marketplace. Beyond full-length novels, readers today desire smaller stories and more affordable options for when they read.

"I am extremely pleased," stated Kaelin, "with the critical success of this fantasy novel. Progeny was written to draw the reader into a vibrant, vivid world full of characters as substantive as any living person. When the last line is completed, I wanted the readers of the first entry in The Children of the White Lions series to demand to know what comes next. I was not expecting them to ask what came before Progeny. The Terrene Chronicles will be an opportunity for fans to get peek into the past, as well as hopefully pull new readers into the world of Terrene."

Progeny, the first installment in the Children of the White Lions series, has garnered rave reviews. Many believe it is among the best fantasy books released recently. Progeny has been compared to Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia and even Harry Potter. Reviewers have put R.T. Kaelin's style up against Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn and Warbreaker) and Jim Butcher (Furies of Calderon). Interest in the book has been high for this fantasy book, and R.T. Kaelin has been very busy sharing his fantasy fiction novel with readers.

Kaelin is available for media interview and can be reached using the contact information below, or by email at [email protected]. More information, including links to full reviews, is available at his website, Progeny is available at and and may be ordered from any bookstore. The Kindle edition was published on February 4, 2011 at

Each installment of The Terrene Chronicles will be available for a short time free at his website, and bundles of the stories will be available for purchase for the Kindle for $.99.

Excerpts From Reviews of Print Edition of Progeny:
"Anyone who enjoys adventure stories or magical and paranormal I would suggest you give this a try. For me, Progeny is in league with both The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings and far better than Harry Potter - Progeny has a wealth of depth to it that I haven't seen in many books." - Clover Hill Book Reviews

"Progeny: The Children of the White Lions by R.T. Kaelin is a stunning work of epic fantasy. The story is wonderfully told and full of action and adventure. Along with the Isaac siblings and their large companion, the book is populated with well-developed characters. The story lines are beautifully woven together and each new multi-dimensional hero or villain that is introduced adds a new layer of perspective to the tale." - Her Book Self Book Reviews

"Overall, I would favorably compare his writing with Brandon Sanderson, Scott Lynch, (early) Robert Jordan and even a bit of David Eddings flavor mixed in. I really enjoyed this book and my biggest disappointment is going to be waiting for the next installment." -C. Shadis,

"The disparate characters we meet along the way are intriguing and richly nuanced, reminding one of Tolkien's without being derivative. This is a big book and a big world, surprisingly well conceived for a first novel. I very much look forward to the next book in the series, and I strongly encourage Mr. Kaelin to keep writing." -D Kistner, Associate Editor of FutureCycle Press

R.T. Kaelin grew up in Cincinnati and now resides in Pickerington, Ohio with his wife and two children. He works in the information technology field in Columbus. He realizes that the traditional method of publishing involves a high amount of luck and, not wishing to have his high fantasy novel bogged down in the traditional publishing business model, he decided to follow the path of self-publishing. His gamble has paid off as evidenced by the success of his fantasy novel, Progeny.

Representatives of national publishers are encouraged to contact R.T. Kaelin to discuss acquiring publishing rights to Progeny and the remaining books in the series.


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