Fantasy Author R.T. Kaelin To Publish Prophecy, Volume II in The Children of the White Lions Series

Prophecy, the sequel to the critically acclaimed fantasy novel, Progeny, will be available to the public September 25th, 2012. Progeny has topped the fantasy charts and early reviews of Prophecy show that Kaelin has done it again.

Prophecy continues the journey readers embarked up on in Progeny, the #7 top-rated historical fantasy as well as #23 top-rated epic fantasy at Amazon. The first volume in the series has an average 4.7/5 star rating and has drawn comparisons to the works of Brandon Sanderson, Christopher Paolini, and G.R.R. Martin.

In the almost two years since Progeny's release, R.T. Kaelin has written and released twelve shorts stories, The Terrene Chronicles, that look at the world and characters leading up to the events in Progeny. But he was anxious to get back to the second novel, and early this year, focused all his energy on that.

"I was overwhelmed with the response Progeny received," stated Kaelin, "as well as the demand for the second book. As time went on, readers' cries became louder, and I got to work. And I have to say, I think this book is better than the first. I think readers will be surprised what happens to their favorite characters."

Progeny, the first installment in the Children of the White Lions series, garnered rave reviews, even before a second edition was released in early 2012. Many believe it is among the best fantasy books released in recent years. Progeny has been compared to Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia and even Harry Potter.

Kaelin is available for media interview and can be reached using the contact information below, or by email at [email protected]. More information, including links to full reviews, is available at his website, Progeny is-and Prophecy will be-available at and and can be ordered from any bookstore. Both are or will be available on the Kindle and Nook.

Prophecy will be $21.99 for print, $7.99 for the ebook. Progeny's ebook price has been reduced to $4.99 and, for a three day promotional period September 18th-20th, will be free.

Back Cover Synopsis:
The God of Chaos is marching. The Borderlands is nearly overrun, shredded by his army. In a dusty village, ninety-four residents led by two soldiers make a last stand. During the assault, one of the enemy isolates Rhohn Lurus, a Dust Man. Yet rather than kill him, the monster gives him a cryptic message and begs he carry it east, claiming it could halt the war.

At Storm Island, Nikalys, Kenders, and Jak are adjusting to their new lives as leader, mage, and soldier. In the nation's capital, nobles spar, some conspiring with the enemy while others ally together to halt Chaos' advance. New friends will be made, old rivals rediscovered, and secrets revealed.

The stage is set. War is here. And the Progeny must stop it.

Blurbs from other authors and reviews:
"R.T. teaches a master class in world-building with Progeny. Rich in characters and details, he pulls you through a breathtaking tale that surpasses good versus evil."
~Jean Rabe, USA Today bestselling author

"R.T. Kaelin is one of those few new authors who understand both the importance of immersing the reader in the story and how to accomplish it. From the first word, he grabs you and holds you captive throughout." ~Maxwell Alexander Drake, Author of Genesis of Oblivion Saga

"Overall, I would favorably compare his writing with Brandon Sanderson, Scott Lynch, (early) Robert Jordan and even a bit of David Eddings flavor mixed in."

"A refreshingly beautiful coming-of-age story of courage, hope, and young love; something the fantasy genre has lacked in recent years."
~T.L. Gray, Author of The Arcainian series

"R.T. Kaelin has done it again. Beautifully rich characters combine with an entrancing plot in a compelling dance certain to allure current and new fans of the White Lion series."
~Mandy O'Brien, Living Peacefully with Chidren

R.T. Kaelin grew up in Cincinnati and now resides in Pickerington, Ohio with his wife and two children. He works in the information technology field in Columbus. He realizes that the traditional method of publishing involves a high amount of luck and, not wishing to have his high fantasy novel bogged down in the traditional publishing business model, he decided to follow the path of self-publishing. His gamble has paid off as evidenced by the success of his fantasy novel, Progeny.


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