FilesThruTheAir™ Launches Their Latest and Lowest-Cost Temperature Sensor: Wireless Alert TP

The Wi-Fi connected temperature sensor can send a warning email if temperature reaches user-set limits.

Wireless Alert TP

​​FilesThruTheAir is an industry-leading provider of advanced data logging equipment to a variety of industry sectors across the globe. Today, FilesThruTheAir announces the launch of their latest innovation: Wireless Alert TP.

Wireless Alert TP is a battery-powered temperature sensor that sends a warning email if a
user-set level is reached. Simply select your temperature limits, add an email address and
connect to any Wi-Fi network using the Wireless Alert mobile app (available on Google Play and the App Store).

A multitude of industries regularly deal with temperature-sensitive goods, materials and processes. Food, drink, building materials, animal welfare and human comfort are just a few examples of things that can deteriorate in unfavourable temperature conditions. If a critical temperature check is missed, businesses can suffer from wasted stock, damaged goods or unhappy guests. Wireless Alert TP solves this problem by providing the user with fast notification of temperature issues, allowing them to react quickly and arrange corrective action. This can provide low-cost assurance that temperature controls are operating effectively.

The product was designed specifically to reach new customers who do not need the all-encompassing functionality of FilesThruTheAir’s alternative products and can consequently benefit from a more affordable product option.

David Ing, FilesThruTheAir Manager, explains, “In the past, our product range has primarily consisted of high-end, data-logging sensors, designed to give the user maximum functionality. Wireless Alert TP is a ground-breaking product for us because we have been able to strip back our traditional concept, allowing us to offer a product with the fundamental features that our customers value most. Furthermore, we can offer this at a really affordable price point with no ongoing subscription fees.”

As well as the discussed email alert functionality, a Wireless Alert TP can be configured to send scheduled summary reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. These detail minimum, maximum and average temperature over that period, as well as battery level, the number of alerts experienced and the total time spent in alert mode.

Pricing and Availability
The Wireless Alert TP is available to purchase today, starting at £29.95. Additional models will be available in 2020.

About FilesThruTheAir
Established in 2015, FilesThruTheAir™ is a trademark of Corintech Ltd. Corintech is a global industry leader in electronics design and manufacturing. Using Corintech’s extensive technical capabilities, FilesThruTheAir designs and manufactures data loggers, sensors and industrial panel displays for customers all over the world.

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Established in 2015, FilesThruTheAir™ is a trademark of Corintech Ltd. FilesThruTheAir design and manufacture data loggers, sensors and industrial panel displays for customers all over the world.

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