FLEXAFIT® Launches an International and Game-Changing Certification Course for Figure Skating Coaches

FLEXAFIT®, an innovative, fitness-based company for figure skaters and figure skating coaches, launches the FLEXAFIT Level 1 Coach Certification course.

Signe Ronka

 Created for all levels of figure skating coaches, the specialized course focuses on injury prevention and enhancing athlete performance by providing coaches with measurable and cutting-edge training tools and techniques to safely advance their athletes' skills on and off the ice. The premiere course runs from May 7 to 9 with a second one scheduled for July 16 to 18,  2021.

The three-day, online course covers topics, such as anatomy and alignment specific to figure skating, fitness essentials for young athletes, sport-specific movement patterns and off-ice jump techniques. In addition, coaches will learn definitive means to measure athletic success through fitness assessments and periodized program planning, while learning age appropriate baselines for recreational, competitive and high performance athletes. 

"As a former internationally ranked figure skating competitor representing Canada, Skate Canada Certified Level 3 National Coach and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), I am continuously researching and updating my program material to ensure that my trainers and I are current in all technical components of the sport, both on and off the ice," says Signe Ronka, the founder of FLEXAFIT, creator of the Level 1 Coach Certification course and the publisher and editor-in-chief of the quarterly magazine, Figure Skater Fitness. "This certification will give coaches hands-on access to the most current research-based content for figure skating fitness training to develop athletes of any age or skill from the ground up."

"The coaches and the skaters who follow this FLEXAFIT program will definitely have an advantage," affirms Kurt Browning. The four-time World Champion and Canadian National Champion understands the importance of having access to a coach trained in a structured on and off-ice program. "Having an organized off-ice program was the one element that was missing in my competitive career." 

Developed by Ronka in 2006, FLEXAFIT's approach to sport-specific training and programming has been integrated into skating curriculums by skaters and coaches around the world. Following a series of recurring injuries throughout her career, Ronka was forced to walk away from the sport she loved. Determined to create positive change and longevity in the sport for future skaters, she developed the FLEXAFIT method, incorporating sport specific fitness training and injury prevention exercises. 

"We have been using the FLEXAFIT off-ice training methods for over three years," says Susan Marais and Lejeanne Hennessy. As certified FLEXAFIT Trainers based in South Africa, where they are Licensees to the brand, they have experienced the positive impact of the curriculum first hand. "The athletes who are training off-ice regularly have improved at almost double the rate as the athletes who have not joined the program. It has helped our skaters improve by leaps and bounds!" 

To register or find more information about the course, visit: https://online.flexafit.com/certification



As the global leader in figure skating sport specific off-ice training, FLEXAFIT is an all encompassing sport specific educational and service provider that offers various training programs, standardized testing, consulting, workshops, certification courses and educational resources. FLEXAFIT's network is the most experienced and trusted brand in off-ice figure skating training.


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As the global leader in figure skater sport specific off-ice training, FLEXAFIT's mission is to train, education, motivate and equip figure skaters and coaches of all levels with the right tools for achieving on ice success.

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