Florence Launches Digital Clinical Research Certification Program

Florence, a global digital clinical research platform that connects clinical trial sponsors and study sites, launches a complementary training and certification program for clinical research and clinical operations professionals.

Florence, a digital research platform that connects clinical trial sites and sponsors, announced the recent launch of its Digital Research Certification program today. Professionals in the clinical research field can now enroll in a complementary introductory course on digital clinical trials.

"We're fortunate to have our platform installed at over 10,000 sites and hundreds of sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) every day," says Charlotte Boyd, Sr. Manager of Community at Florence. "This gives us a broad view of how research professionals can prepare for the move to a digital research environment." 

Study sites in 44 countries use Florence's digital research software to manage their content creation and management workflows and facilitate 3 million remote monitoring and source data verification actions every month.

"As decentralized trials, hybrid studies, collaborative research, and patient connectivity take off, individuals need to learn how to navigate this new world of clinical research," says Blake Adams, Florence's VP of Marketing. "Through this program, we will provide regular training and development opportunities for the industry to develop the skills needed for accelerating clinical research and advancing medical treatments."

The Digital Research program is vendor-neutral and focuses on the fundamentals clinical operations staff need to know to make an impact in their roles. The topics in the first course include the basics of digital research, technology landscape overview, standard operating procedures, and global regulations around going digital. 

In addition to the certification program, the Florence Digital Research Community offers roundtables, webinars, panel discussions, podcasts, online forums, and events to help leaders in the field advance their knowledge of digital trials, including the recent Innovation Summit.

According to Boyd, "Our mission is to advance research together, and we believe these courses are crucial to the industry's advancement. We're excited to partner with our network of research professionals to develop further courses using their first-hand experience and knowledge."

The first Digital Research Certified course, Digital Research Foundations, is available now for clinical trial professionals.


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