FNTC Sports is Bringing a New Playbook to Fantasy Sports With a Unique Cryptocurrency Token

On Monday, May 14, 2018, the Supreme Court reversed the 1992 federal ban on sports betting. The news rocked the sports industry in a positive way for sports fans. The Supreme Court ruling now opens the door to states being able to determine how they will individually legislate sports betting within their state.

This ruling also opens a huge landscape of opportunity for Fantasy Sports platforms to enter into a period of evolution and also become sports betting platforms in the future. One such future fantasy sports platform that is in early development is FNTC Sports.

FNTC Sports has created the world’s first universal fantasy sports cryptocurrency that will be able to be utilized on the FNTC Sports desktop site and mobile app which FNTC Sports intends to develop. The Fantasy Sports Coin [FNTC] is an ERC20 token [built upon the Ethereum network].

During 2017, in America alone, there were 59.3 million fantasy sports players that generated a total revenue of $7.2 billion within the fantasy sports industry. Of that total US revenue, $2.9 billion came from the very popular daily fantasy sports [DFS] sector of the industry; however, the traditional fantasy sports sector [i.e. seasonal fantasy leagues] amassed $3.27 billion of that total revenue [source: Fantasy Sports Trade Association].

While there is a seemingly popular focus on DFS-style fantasy platforms such as DraftKings, FanDuel, and others, it appears that no fantasy sports company has stepped in to provide modern innovation for the traditional fantasy sports sector – until now.

The vision of FNTC Sports is to evolve the landscape of traditional fantasy sports by integrating the emerging blockchain technology into the global fantasy sports industry.

Speaking to how FNTC Sports will impact the fantasy industry, FNTC Sports founder Daniel Ryan said, “FNTC simplifies life for league managers and takes the headache out of collecting, transferring, and securing league funds – all with a simple click or tap of a button on our site/app.” Co-founder Trey Hollis added, “Instead of daily fantasy sports style games, FNTC Sports will cater to the sports fans who play for entire seasons...the players who follow every game. We'll be able to provide a true GM experience for league players with actual monetary trade incentives, weekly 'pick 'em' buy-ins, and more.” Ryan and Hollis noted that this game-changing idea was sparked with just a simple conversation about cryptocurrencies and fantasy football.

FNTC Sports is in the process of developing their site/app, created on blockchain technology, that will integrate popular fantasy sports platforms with the FNTC coin. This integration will provide the ability for instant and secure FNTC coin transfers among fantasy players for league buy-ins, trade incentives, greater overall competition, and all-around increased engagement within fantasy leagues.

FNTC Sports, Inc. is in the process of offering to accredited investors the opportunity to acquire the coins it is developing. It has hired a major South Florida law firm to create an offering that fully complies with applicable Securities and Exchange Commission rules including Rule 506(c). Verified accredited investors will have the opportunity to participate in the FNTC Sports Private Placement Offering to purchase Fantasy Sports Coins [FNTC]. FNTC Sports seeks to fully comply with the SEC and any/all regulations in order to protect the longevity of the FNTC Sports concept.

About FNTC Sports: FNTC Sports, Inc. is a U.S.-based company located in North Palm Beach, FL - founded in 2017. FNTC Sports is lead by Founder Daniel Ryan and Co-Founder Trey Hollis. FNTC Sports, Inc. is associated with AmeriTrend Financial - A Private Client Investment Firm, and Hollis Enterprises & Ventures, LLC.

For more information on FNTC Sports, Inc. and the FNTC project, please visit www.fntcsports.com.

Contact email: [email protected]

For investing information please email [email protected] [Investors who meet the enhanced accredited investor verification will be able to review the offering documentation].


Source: FNTC Sports, Inc.


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FNTC Sports developed the first universal fantasy sports platform to utilize blockchain technology allowing sports fans to integrate their current fantasy leagues with the FNTC platform that utilizes Fantasy Sports Coin [FNTC], an ERC20 Token.

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