From Silents to Slashers: The Film Detective is Haunting Households This October With 31 Days of Horror

The Film Detective's "31 Days of Horror" rises from the dead for an entire month dedicated to murder mayhem and creature features.

 The Film Detective (TFD), a classic media streaming network and film archive that restores classic films for today's cord-cutters, is welcoming the Halloween season with a new, premium selection of horror titles. Beginning on October 1, a collection of vengeful clowns, undead teenagers and murderous monsters will emerge from the darkest corners of cinema on The Film Detective’s web platform and mobile app.

In the spirit of Stephen King’s recent “IT” revival, meet Bruce Burger, a crazed clown recently fired from the Funland amusement park. Taken over by a group of mobsters, Bruce quickly turns his amusement park into an "abusement" park, seeking vengeance for the loss of his job. Welcome to “Funland” (1987), where a clown can get away with murder.

Scholars can earn a higher degree in terror with “Splatter University” (1984). At Splatter U, more than classes get cut when a murderous mental hospital patient is on the loose. Beginning on October 1, viewers can tune in to see if students pass their final test — of survival. Sinister slashers of the 1980s like “Splatter University” (1984) and “Nightmare” (1981), as well as exploitation horror of the 1990s like “Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh” (1991), will be available for the first time on The Film Detective platforms, augmenting a multi-decade archive of chilling horror classics.

Creatures from beyond the grave will also join in the Halloween celebration this month. When six high school friends kill a drug dealer, they push him into a river of toxic water and accidentally turn him into a zombie. To solve their wrongdoings, the gang turns one of their own into a zombie, for the ultimate battle between good and evil. This comedy-horror, “I Was a Teenage Zombie” (1987) and over a dozen newly added frightful films are not to be missed this month.

Not scared yet? The Film Detective is proud to announce that its 31 Days of Horror is rising from the dead for another October, showcasing a different fearful feature each night at 7:00 p.m. EST. The 31 Days of Horror returns to Sling TV and will be coming for the first year to TFD’s newest channels on STIRR and DistroTV. Both STIRR and DistoTV will serve as a free, online opportunity for viewers to watch The Film Detective’s live channel, available via web, Roku, Amazon Fire TV,  Apple TV, iOS, and Android.

The Film Detective’s 31 Days of Horror comes complete with special events throughout the month to honor the genre’s most notorious monsters and murderers. Every Friday in October will include a Creature Double Feature, ranging from denizens of the deep in Roger Corman’s “Monster from the Ocean Floor” (1954) to mountain monsters in infamous horror director Jerry Warren’s “Man Beast” (1956). On October 20, TFD will honor what would have been Bela Lugosi’s 137th birthday with over eight hours of The Master of Horror’s performances in works like “The Gorilla” (1939), “Murder by Television” (1935), and “White Zombie” (1932). 

These events lead up to a horrifying Halloween experience, 31 Hours of Horror, beginning at 5:00 p.m. EST on October 30. With cult favorites like “Gorgo” (1961), the unstoppable British Godzilla, and Roger Corman’s comedy of errors and terrors, “A Bucket of Blood” (1959), viewers will have everything to fear in October.

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