FusionAuth Launches Entity Management; Simplifies Creating & Managing Fine-Grained Permissions Across All Applications

Permissions platform is simple to use and integrate, lets developers focus on core work


 FusionAuth, makers of the complete, developer-focused API-first identity and access management platform, today introduced Entity Management, a powerful new product that allows developers to model and grant fine-grained permissions not just to users but to servers and systems, as well. Entity Management is differentiated in the marketplace in that it was not purpose-built solely for employees working within a company. Rather, it was created to solve a significant challenge - flexibly capturing, granting and managing permissions between various entities - without being limited to a specific use case, making it an ideal solution for modeling permissions for users, contractors, IoT devices or machine-to-machine computing environments.

"It takes a lot of time to create, manage and edit permissions, especially at a very fine-grained level. Developers have the skill, but not the time. As with everything we do, we created a powerful tool that helps developers offload tedious tasks so they can focus on their core work," said Brian Pontarelli, founder and CEO of FusionAuth. "We purposefully designed FusionAuth Entity Management to be highly flexible so developers can easily deploy it across any application and secure who or what has access to specific data."

FusionAuth Entity Management can be used to assign, manage and edit permissions across a host of applications including:

  • B2B Organizations that need to provide permissions for users, clients and client customers. Entity Management can be used to grant deeply nuanced permissions at the individual level, not the department level. Ex: granting billing and purchasing access to one accounting employee, but only viewing rights to another;
  • IoT Deployments where the device owner has the ability to control the device fully but can ensure members of their household or organization can only control it partially. Ex: a homeowner with an IoT thermostat device who can set the device to any temperature but limit the children in the home to only a few degrees variance;
  • Machine-to-Machine Communications wherein different computing systems in an organization can communicate but cannot make changes beyond their privilege levels. Ex: a manufacturing facility where the HR system can connect to the production line system to add or delete employees but not initiate production of a new part.

FusionAuth Entity Management is available now. Click here for more information: https://fusionauth.io/docs/v1/tech/core-concepts/entity-management/

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FusionAuth is a complete identity and access management platform that saves development teams time and resources. Built for developers, FusionAuth is 100% API-first and lets devs implement complex standards like OAuth, OpenID Connect, and SAML and build out additional login features to meet compliance requirements. It can be deployed anywhere and integrate in minutes, saving developers wasted hours trying to build home-grown solutions. Learn more at www.fusionauth.io.

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