Ghislain Morin D.D.S. Endows Scholarship To Protect The California Coast Line

Dr. Ghislain Morin helps to save the California coastline with a scholarship fund.

Dr. Ghislain Morin DDS, a leading Orange County-area orthodontist has endowed a scholarship through the California Coastline Protection Network to establish a scholarship for a California Graduate Student studying environmental protection as it relates to preserving the coastline.

This endowment is expected to fund the scholarship for twenty-five years. Any graduate student at a California University who studies environmental issues can present their thesis topic to the California Coastline Protection Network to apply for the scholarship. A special board headed by Dr. Morin and his wife will review and award the scholarship each year.

Dr. Morin has been a tireless crusader for California Coastline Protection since he was a young man. He has served on the board and been an active volunteer, fundraiser and speaker on behalf of not only the California Coastline Protection Network, but also Heal the Bay, The Surfrider Foundation and Greenpeace.

Dr. Morin said upon endowing the scholarship: "It is my hope that my educational program will inspire the sons and daughters of California to take up the cause of saving our precious coastline."


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