Gianna Emiko Barnes' New Book 'Shattered' Is An Empowering Novel That Portrays The Strength Of A Woman As She Overcomes Each Painful Obstacle In Her Life

Fulton Books author Gianna Emiko Barnes, a passionate creative writer and an English teacher, has completed her most recent book "Shattered": an emotionally gripping contemporary read that puts emphasis on staying true to one's self. Taryn Okata is a strong woman who has dealt with countless losses in her life. Her life wasn't rainbows and butterflies, but a life filled with storms that continuously tried to tire her out and shatter her resolve. Will she be able to find genuine happiness at the end of her journey?

Barnes shares, "After being proven right yet again that love was not meant for her, Taryn Okata finds herself leaving her family on the next flight out of San Francisco. Rushing home to be by the side of her ex-husband, Taryn has no idea what she is walking into, nor could she expect the tragedies, surprises, and heartache to follow. As an old friend from her past emerges, she finds new strength that she never knew she would need. They lean on each other, and he guides her through the darkness that threatens to strangle her and back to a friendship that she thought had died long ago. Yet Taryn is suddenly blindsided again as secrets are suddenly brought to light, making her question everything she's known and every choice she's made over the past ten years. Thinking she's hit rock bottom and things couldn't get worse, they do as another loss rocks her to the core—a loss that seems to break her for good. Hearing this, Derek rushes to her side, breaking his silence for the first time in a feeble attempt to mend what hurt he contributed while shooting for a chance at her heart. Despite everyone who rushes to her side to support her, Taryn is caught in a whirlwind of pain and suffering that she cannot escape. Will this be the darkness that ends her? Or can she find it in her again to push through the pain that seems to be shattering her from the inside out before it's too late?"

Published by Fulton Books, Gianna Emiko Barnes' book is an engrossing narrative that explores the complexity of human emotions. The storyline is a reflection of the author's real-life experiences, thus, making the story more relatable in the contemporary field.

Join Taryn as she lives through the circumstances of her life that will test her strength and question her beliefs.

Readers who wish to experience this compelling work can purchase "Shattered" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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