Global Health Intelligence Announches the Best-Equipped Hospitals in Latin America for 2024

GHI Provides a Complimentary Guide Outlining the Region’s Hospitals, Clinics and Other Facilities With the Highest Numbers of Essential Medical Devices and Equipment

HospiRank 2024

Global Health Intelligence (GHI), the leading healthcare data analytics provider in Latin America, has just published its HospiRank 2024 ranking of the best-equipped hospitals in Latin America.

Based on quantitative analysis of data from 18,000+ Latin American hospitals in GHI's HospiScope database, HospiRank ranks medical institutions according to eight specific categories, including best-equipped for high-risk patients, best-equipped to host patients, highest counts of basic surgical equipment, the best-installed base for treating cancer, best-equipped for primary diagnostics, and more.

"HospiRank is the only ranking of Latin American hospitals that provides verified data on the facilities’ infrastructure," explains Guillaume Corpart, CEO and founder of Global Health Intelligence. "This data, collected through our annual survey conducted across Latin America, includes information such as the number of operating rooms, beds, and capital equipment. The ranking aids the medical industry in identifying the leading facilities in the region based on infrastructure and capacity," observes Corpart.

Aside from the rankings, which include a total of more than 400 hospitals in the six countries included, HospiRank 2024 also has key features:

  • A data portrait of Latin American hospitals, including penetration rates of both basic and specialized medical equipment
  • Data on medical equipment infrastructure for hospitals in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, among other countries
  • Interviews with the leaders of the best-equipped hospitals to gain insights into their plans for expansion and acquiring medical equipment

"The detailed medical equipment market data in HospiRank is valuable for medical equipment manufacturers, MedTech suppliers, and consumables companies. It helps them segment the market and identify key players. Additionally, HospiRank enables hospitals to compare their equipment levels with other institutions," says Corpart.

The main report can be downloaded from Global Health Intelligence's website. It covers the top five hospitals in each category for each country featured in HospiRank 2024. Journalists can also contact GHI directly for specific country reports featuring the top 10 hospitals in each of the six countries covered.

About Global Health Intelligence (GHI)

Global Health Intelligence created HospiScope, the world's largest hospital demographics database focused on Latin America, as well as SurgiScope, the first database to track surgical procedures performed in Latin America. The firm updates more than two million hospital data points each year, helping clients with custom research, data on the medical devices market, competitive profiling for the Latin American healthcare industry, marketing sizing, segmentation, and pricing/cost analyses.

Source: Global Health Intelligence


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