Glowtify Welcomes New Strategic Investors and Advisors, Bolstering Its Future in E-Commerce Innovation

Glowtify, a key player in e-commerce marketing, is excited to share a significant update to its advisory team. We're welcoming new advisors and investors: Sébastien Leduc, co-founder of Workleap, and Olivier Blais, co-founder of They will be joining as advisors and investors, contributing their rich experience alongside Yves-Gabriel Leboeuf, co-founder of Flinks, and the original Glowtify founders. 

This significant investment and advisory commitment from Sébastien Leduc and Olivier Blais is a strong vote of confidence in Glowtify's vision. Their involvement brings extensive SaaS and AI expertise, greatly supporting our mission to grow and transform the e-commerce landscape.

The participation of Sébastien Leduc and Olivier Blais, both highly experienced in their fields, represents a major milestone for Glowtify. It highlights our ongoing growth and scaling efforts, as we keep pushing forward and innovating in the e-commerce marketing sector.

“Glowtify extends beyond its capabilities as a generative content app, becoming a go-to resource for online business owners. Here, they can find unique, outstanding, and personalized recommendations that help illuminate the path to success. Glowtify is a helpful starting point for hundreds of store owners to be more successful in their own e-commerce journey,” said Marc Allard, Glowtify’s CEO.

About Glowtify:

Glowtify uses AI to give business owners and marketing teams a clear path to e-commerce success, and the tools to get there faster. With advanced AI capabilities, Glowtify is redefining online marketing, offering tailored analytics and content generation that aligns with the unique identity of each brand.

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Glowtify uses AI to give you a clear path to eCommerce success, and the tools to get there.

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