GOBEL Celebrates 13 Years as Trendsetting Healthcare Philanthropy Powerhouse

Organization celebrates a new healthcare philanthropy conference, a health and humanitarian foundation, international expansion, and more achievements.


At the end of January 2023, GOBEL will host the G23 Healthcare Philanthropy Innovation Summit in Clearwater Beach, FL. The summit, an exclusive event for leaders in healthcare philanthropy, will feature some of the brightest minds in healthcare, technology and philanthropy. 

It's pretty impressive ground for a company celebrating its 13th year on Jan. 11, 2023.

"We have come a long way in a short time," shared Chad Gobel, company founder and CEO. "For us, enhancing the business of philanthropy is its own reward. Of course, everyone seeks success in the line of work they've chosen. But in philanthropy, accomplishment is based on a simple premise, really. It's driven by a fundamental passion to help people. And if that mission drives you, the effort to achieve success in the philanthropic consulting landscape is as rewarding a task as one could pursue."

It's a calling not just for GOBEL's clients but for the company itself. In 2022, GOBEL launched its own philanthropic foundation, with an eye toward funding health and humanitarian efforts internationally. The GOBEL Foundation's first fundraising endeavor resulted in more than $100,000 raised on behalf of the people in war-ravaged Ukraine. Money was used to provide water, food, medicine, medical supplies, and even to construct bomb shelters for the people of the Mykovlaiv and Kherson regions.

The year 2022 was a particularly strong one for the company. Driven by their philosophy that gratitude drives the decision to give and wealth drives the level of that giving, GOBEL helped its clients raise more than $1.5 billion to improve their communities and the experience of their patients and their families. In fact, it was the company's most prolific year to date with nearly triple-digit revenue growth. In addition to the launch of the Foundation, a number of hallmark episodes contributed to the progress in quick succession. 

GOBEL Acquires Leading Firm Ghiorsi & Sorrenti

In June of 2022, GOBEL acquired Ghiorsi & Sorrenti, Inc. (GSI). For more than three decades, GSI led the industry in developing and executing some of the most innovative and successful capital and comprehensive fundraising campaigns in healthcare. While campaigns have long been part of GOBEL's services, GSI added a deeper level of expertise.

"We joined GOBEL because we saw a visionary company that repeatedly puts thought leadership into action, achieving remarkable results," said Dan Sorrenti, founding partner of GSI. "GOBEL is taking our industry to an entirely new level by combining incomparable consulting and technology solutions that assist clients with raising more philanthropic support than ever before."

GOBEL Launches International, Secures First Patent

In addition to the GSI acquisition, in the fall of 2022, GOBEL launched its international company, with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Shortly afterward, GOBEL announced its first international fundraising engagement with Northern Ireland Hospice.  

On the home front, GOBEL took another enormous step in pioneering the future of smart technology in the philanthropy industry when it received a patent from the United States government for its artificial intelligence and automated machine learning predictive models.

And to underscore its burgeoning momentum as an industry leader, GOBEL created its own advisory board of senior healthcare leaders from some of the nation's top healthcare organizations. 

Firm Plans for Ambitious 2023

"We're certainly proud of our position as the No. 1 consulting and technology firm for healthcare organizations," said Chad Gobel. "But we are looking ahead to what is next, and view our growth and accomplishments to date as laying the groundwork for exponentially more to come."

Among the firm's goals for 2023 are to help clients raise more than $2 billion, greatly expand its research platform, offer more smart technology products and ideas, and expand even further into Europe and elsewhere internationally. 

"We're grateful to our clients for giving us the opportunity to help them achieve transformational results from all of our platforms," said Chad Gobel. "And in many respects, as we enter our 13th year, we feel we are just getting started."

GOBEL is the world's leading consulting and technology firm in healthcare philanthropy. They offer clients the most comprehensive solution for building a robust philanthropy program, using data and analytics to advise clients in grateful patient programs, major gifts training, clinician engagement, fundraising strategy, campaign planning and more. GOBEL also provides clients with primary and secondary research, along with peer analysis and benchmarking. Its team of 60 seasoned healthcare development professionals and clinicians comes from the top medical centers in the nation. They bring more than 750 years of collective healthcare philanthropy experience to their client engagements and have worked with over 1,000 hospitals and health systems in their history. 

For more information, contact Glenn Vallach, Vice President of Communications at GOBEL, at [email protected].

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