Grauer School Student Establishes Award-Winning Equestrian Team

The Grauer School Equestrian team finished the 2010 season 23rd overall out of 59 teams countrywide as the only two riders on the team

Grauer School student Katelyn Kasino ('10) spearheaded the development of The Grauer School Equestrian team in 2010 and sisters Savanah ('14) and Mikayla ('16) Stuart have excelled in the program by finishing the 2010 season 23rd overall out of 59 teams countrywide as the only two riders on the team. Savanah competed at Varsity level and completed the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) lettering program, the first student to letter for the Grauer School Equestrian Team and sister Mikayla competed at the Junior Varsity level. Most recently, Allie Negroni ('14) was selected by the USEF's High School Equestrian Athlete program this year.

According to Grauer School Social Studies Teacher and Equestrian Team Coordinator Kate Napier, "Like many things at The Grauer School, our team is built by our students for our students. We make it possible for our students to have access to leadership and promote resourcefulness, curiosity, accountability, perseverance, compassion and self-advocacy. Each one of these are emphasized and accentuated through the regional competitions and overall horsemanship. We hope to share the value of equine companionship with the community through promotion of the team's and school's values and service work in the area." Ms. Napier is a graduate of the United States Pony Club at C3 Level and competed at the collegiate level in Intercollegiate Horse Show Association at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

The Grauer School is a UNESCO associated, independent grades 6 -12 college preparatory school accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. It is renowned for its expeditionary learning and Socratic methods, enabling the school to provide the most balanced pathway to top colleges available. The Grauer School Equestrian Team is one of many athletic programs available to enrolled students. To learn more about The Grauer School experience or athletic team programs, visit or call 760/944-6777.


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