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"Open up your hearts," Elton John sang in his song "Harmony," which could be the theme song for The Australian Way, a new app to help migrants "find an island in the sea," which was launched in Australia on Harmony Day, March 21, 2019. Its purpose is to help users find a job, stay safe and lay down foundations for the future. Chin Communications, a language service specialist based in Melbourne, supported the making of the pioneering app with its minority language translation service.

Employment is the key to unlocking future security for everyone -- no less new arrivals to Australia, who not only have to battle in a new language but also learn new ways to work, a new culture and, indeed, a new way of finding a job.

The Australian Way bridges the gap, using a tried and true approach -- storytelling -- to get these important messages across. With the support of the federal government, it was launched by Senator Jane Hume, who described it as “a terrific idea and one that will help 100,000 refugees and migrants gain their independence.”

Margaret Harrison, Managing Director of Our HR Company, with a long background in training and Human Resources, has spent almost a decade developing this program and arriving at a very appealing product, telling stories in different ways, providing extra reinforcement in the form of quizzes and FAQs, dealing with how to prepare a resume and how to get into a workplace and making it easy for new arrivals to find the information and to access it on their own time, reinforcing these important skills.

To help new arrivals who know little English find their way around the app and its contents, Chin Communications was engaged to deliver the translations in four key languages, representing recent tranches of arrivals: Assyrian (from Iraq and Syria mainly), Chin-Hakha (Burma), Dari (Afghanistan) and Arabic. As well as the written translations of the stories and the app platform, stories were also recorded in voice by voiceover artists in these languages.

Chin Communications is highly regarded as a professional Chinese Translator in Australia. The company has been expanding its service scope in recent years, and The Australian Way is a proven record of Chin’s ability to deliver services in other languages. Please visit us to find out more about other language translation services.

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