Heal the Earth to Premiere Video on Global Warming This Friday at 3:00 P.M. EST

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Heal the Earth Through the Arts Foundation, is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness for the underprivileged as well as other causes that affect our humanity and environment. An important cause that Heal The Earth is tackling now, is to be focused on helping the environment for future generations. This Friday, at 3:00 P.M. EST, Heal the Earth will showcase an educational webcast to raise awareness featuring local artists and crucial information about global warming. The Webcast will premier on Jack Crooner Facebook page, which is www.facebook.com/jackcroonerofficial, this Friday at 3:00 P.M. Not to be missed!

According to https://www.edf.org/about, it is us Humans who burn fossil fuels and chop down forests, causing average temperatures to rise worldwide. That global warming trend is increasingly disrupting our climate — the average weather over many years. A warmer world — even by a half-degree Celsius — has more evaporation, leading to more water in the atmosphere. Such changing conditions put our agriculture, health, water supply and more at risk.

There's still time to act

Whether it's a shift of 1.5 degrees or 2 degrees, these warming levels aren't magic thresholds. Every rise in warming is worse for the planet than the last. But they're not inevitable.

It's not too late to slow the pace of climate change as long as we act today. 

Looking ahead to 2022, there are dozens of environmental goals that we hope countries, companies, and individuals advance. According to Globalcitizen.org, some are; 

1: Fossil fuel production receives $5.9 trillion in subsidies each year. That's greater than the gross domestic product of every country except the United States and China. 

2: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is essential but severe climate change will still occur if countries fail to protect global biodiversity, from forests to oceans to endangered animals.

3: Ending these subsidies would have an immediate and dramatic effect on greenhouse gas emissions, according to   In fact, accurately pricing fossil fuels to account for their cost of production and societal impacts would cut emissions by a third. 

"Cutting methane is the strongest lever we have to slow climate change over the next 25 years and complements necessary efforts to reduce carbon dioxide," said Wilson Demenessez, executive Director of Heal The Earth. "The benefits to society, economies, and the environment are numerous and far outweigh the cost. We need international cooperation to urgently reduce methane emissions as much as possible this decade."

Dr. Farshchian said earlier, "We are facing a dark moment. The countries least responsible for global warming and biodiversity loss are facing the harshest consequences. The biggest improvements need to come from high-emitting countries like the US, Australia, Russia, Brazil, and China."

Heal The Earth Through Arts Foundation, established in 2017 by Dr. AJ Farshchian, is a nonprofit organization focused on raising awareness for the underprivileged and The Earth. Awareness is raised via live telethons on Facebook and by supporting and attending the events of Heal the Earth. Heal the Earth through the Arts Foundation has helped serve over 10,000 meals to the homeless, has delivered thousands of dollars worth of much-needed medicine to Cuba and is now focused on helping the environment by creating much-needed awareness.

For further information about the webcast this Friday and global warming information and YouTube videos, visit https://www.healtheearth.us. Other requests, please contact Mari Barba at The Earth Through the Arts Foundation at 305-891-4686, or visit https://www.healtheearth.us.

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