High-Tech Exec Irina Soriano Announces Release of Generation Brand

Happy Global Parents Day—Now Help 'Social' Children Control Their Life-Brands

Right this minute, according to businesswoman and tech exec Irina Soriano, most people are the proud owners of a library full of content for the entire world to see. They have been building life brands since the birth of their lives online. Now, it's time to look out for their child's digital fingerprint. 'Life-brand' is presented as an early confidence-builder empowering youth to become whoever they aspire to be despite their differences in upbringing, education, or background. Her book, Generation Brand, is a modern playbook for cultivating a life-brand seamlessly through every life stage, leading to early career and career advancement, as it gains power and strength with the rapid accumulation of live-out-loud content.

Soriano is taking a bold stand on gender equality for those born 2012-2030 and growing up in a world dominated by rapid technology innovation and social media. Soriano is shining a light on the pitfalls accompanying this progress and provides a roadmap for using the concept of 'life-brand' as a new tool for social good and personal welfare.

Besides the different scenarios of life-brand, Soriano explains how it enables every human with social media access to impact positive change in their life and our society over the course of a lifetime. (Includes original Life-Brand Launch Kit designed by the author.) For more info, contact [email protected]

Purchase the book on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or your favorite independent bookstore. 


"Irina Soriano is boldly taking a stand on gender equity for 'Generation Brand' (those born 2012-2030), introducing new thinking that has a clear link between the need to polish the social media landscape that girls and women are growing up in and empowering them to feel confident, equal to their male counterparts, and ultimately motivated to propel their career path to executive levels. The masses can benefit from the concept of life-brand and mastering it for a fulfilling, fair and just life." 
—Susan MacKenty Brady, CEO, Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership 

"In a world of rapid change and innovation, this book is both a wake-up call about the pitfalls accompanying this progress, and a roadmap for using the concept of life-brand as a new tool for social good and personal welfare. Managing your personal information and how it impacts your reputation and life-brand is going to be an essential part of everybody's toolkit."
—Christopher Willcox, former CEO JP Morgan Asset Management

"The book, Generation Brand, is phenomenal. Once upon a time, only adult professionals had to consider all things personal branding, but now, an entire generation of tech-savvy, 'social' children are being ushered in. This is an essential guide." 
—Maureen Lippe, Founder and Chairman, Lippe Taylor PR & Digital Marketing 

Source: Irina Soriano


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