Homefile® Organizer Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary With a Brand Face-Lift. At the Beginning of 2020 the Family Run Business Streamlined the Design of Their Homefile® Financial Planning Organizer Kit and Website.

The timeless product is a proven tool for protecting, organizing and filing important financial documents and critical personal information. It includes 22 Category Cards that drop into hanging folders and tell you exactly what to file and where. A 48-page handbook with a Personal Information Center for recording vital information like passwords, emergency contacts, etc. and a Quick Find Index so the whole family can easily locate important documents.

Homefile Handbook and 22 Category Cards

The filing system is set up so one can easily find Auto Titles, Medical Records, Mortgage paper, Birth Certificates, Warranties, Car Titles, etc. It also explains where to store Wills & Trusts and the importance of Safeguarding Important Personal Information.

“Homefile’s Organizer gets high marks from financial planners.” - THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

“One of the top ten tools to organize your life.” - MONEY MAGAZINE

“Organizing your paperwork can bring your whole family peace of mind.” - WASHINGTON POST

The Homefile Organizer kit was chosen for The Color of Money, Book of the Month in February 2020 by Michelle Singletary of The Washington Post. 

The Homefile kit is Only Available through their website, homefile.net.

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