Hot Trash Continues to Bring People Together With Its Latest Release 'We Are All One'

Hot Trash - 'We Are All One'

"We Are All One" is the latest musical gift from the Pioneertown trio consisting of Rocco Gardner, J Bowman and Kelly Halloran and, once again, sees the band pulling together a star-studded lineup of friends and fans to create a video that is quintessential Hot TrashIt features friends including producer Dallas Austin joined by Eric Zayne and Matt Sorum, who also appears on drums. The video includes a long list of talent from all over the globe - from Travis Rice to Carrot Top to Marian Goodell to Natalie Martinez - the list goes on.

WATCH OFFICIAL VIDEO: Hot Trash – 'We Are All One'

Born out of quarantine, the track is being released pretty much straight from the recording studio in Pioneertown along with the music video as, in these uncertain times, the band is looking to provide fans with something tangible to relate to and connect with. It has been shared around the home studios of an eclectic range of producers who have all added their own flairs and quirks to make it a collaborative effort of isolation.

Events and further release plans around their previous release "Las Vegas" are currently on hold, with more to come in coming months as the city gradually re-opens, picking up where they left off with their call to "Show Us The Way To Las Vegas!"

Rocco Gardner on 'We Are All One'

"On around March 13, we went into self-imposed quarantine ahead of a client coming to record.  We wanted to share our common experience - taking care of family and business - then ourselves - and then reaching out to people we don’t know personally but who are involved with our creative processes. I say 'our,' because, whilst we are sitting on a ranch in the high desert, we are still a collective of creatives and artists - producers, engineers, musicians - we are all one."

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