How to Avoid F***ing Up at College From a Two-Time Dropout Who Became a Professor

High schoolers, college students, and their parents get practical, proven advice for the university journey in new book

How to Avoid F***ing Up at College

College is usually a good investment for students, but only if they graduate. However, the overall dropout rate for undergraduate students is 40% in the United States. While finances are a top factor, several preventable errors lead to college failure. Enter multi-award-winning Arizona State University professor Matthew McCarthy. His new book that quickly became an Amazon bestseller among high school students shares his experience of almost being a dropout statistic, what he learned guiding his kids through college, and the mistakes he's seen students make in his more than 20 years of teaching.

In How to Avoid F***ing Up at College, readers get advice on what they should be thinking about ahead of college, such as whether it's a good choice for them in the first place. They'll learn the pros and cons of delaying college, the truth about community college, online versus in-person classes, when college failure begins, and other lessons and lesser-known barriers to earning a university degree.

"In my 20-plus years teaching first-year college students, I've seen many gifted young people fail out of college, crying uncontrollably in my office at the end of a semester, about to lose their scholarships," said McCarthy. "They leave school while still on the hook for non-forgivable student loans that remind them of failure every month when their payment gets deducted from the bank. It's all avoidable. None of this had to happen if these students knew a few things they don't teach in high school or college."

After failing college twice, McCarthy earned his master's degree and joined ASU's W. P. Carey School of Business in 2003. He's taught more than 70,000 students as a principal lecturing professor of information systems.

Anyone interested in avoiding college pitfalls can get How to Avoid F***ing Up at College on Amazon for themselves or the prospective college student in their life. It's not a whimsical look at the mishaps and misadventures of life as in Oh, the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss. It offers practical, proven advice for college success.

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