How to Backup Files Easily

The most common cause of data loss is not a computer or hard drive crash but accidental deletion or erroneous overwriting of a file. Therefore,an automatic backup software for continous data protection can save a lot of trouble in such cases.

A continuous data protection automatically backups the most important data in the background and creates various generations (older versions) of each file. A continuous data backup has the great advantage that files, once accidentally deleted or overwritten, can easily be restored without a complete system backup being required.

A simple and intuitive to use automatic backup solution is for example the backup software 'Live File Backup'. The real-time backup software saves automatically and continuously copies of the modified files in the background while working.

And this works very simple as follows: First, the user defines at which time intervals the requested files should be saved and how many copies (generations) of each file should be stored for how long. Afterwards, the files to be saved automatically in the background will be specified. These can be an entire disk, several folders or individual files. The backup software 'Live File Backup' enables the user to backup to different storage media. When as for example installing the backup software on a single computer the backup to an external hard drive might be useful, when working with a client PC in a network the data protection to a backup directory on a NAS device makes sense. Depending on the environment the automatic data backup can also be made to an USB stick or via FTP on the Intranet or Internet.

With 'Live File Backup' lost data can be restored simply without having to contact the system administrator. Since the backup software stores backup files in the familiar file structure on the storage medi, the requested file can be easily found in the backup directory and the required generation of the file (date and time) can be selected and restored quickly.

Due to the intuitive user interface the backup software 'Live File Backup' is suitable for beginners and experts alike. The latest version of Live File Backup 2.10 runs under Windows XP/Vista/7/8.The cost for a single-user-license is USD 29.95. A free trial version in the languages English, German and French can be downloaded at

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