Idioma Launches CrossCheck Online - A Free Translation QA Tool

idioma Co., Ltd. has launched CrossCheck Online, a free cloud-based service enabling translators and other language professionals to check translated content for formal errors such as omissions, wrong numbers and punctuation or terminology mistakes.

Increasing translation volumes, tighter deadlines and growing demands on the quality of translation in today's translation market have made automated Translation Quality Assurance tools - or TQA tools - an indispensable aid for everyone involved in the translation process.

CrossCheck is a free online application to quickly and easily check the quality of bilingual documents. Users can upload their translation to CrossCheck Online via a secure connection, choose an error-checking profile and run an instant analysis. Errors detected by CrossCheck are then displayed on a secure web page where they can be reviewed and immediately corrected.

A simple user interface, detailed user guide, basic video tutorials and technical support make CrossCheck Online an excellent choice for everyone dealing with multi-language documentation.

"During try-outs of the service with several large Japanese export manufacturers, probably the most appreciated features were the number check and glossary check," says company spokesman John O'Connor. "To international companies, making sure numbers are correct in translated content is crucial, e.g. when releasing spare part catalogs and price lists, not to mention annual accounts. The glossary check helps to ensure that client-specific terms are used across all documentation without fail. What's more, we have integrated CrossCheck with a unique morphology feature that recognizes glossary terms even when inflected or conjugated. Thanks to this, we have significantly reduced the occurrence of false errors to improve the detection of real terminology mistakes even in languages such as German or Czech that can be challenging for other TQA tools due to their complicated grammatical structure."

John goes on to mention that "CrossCheck enables clients to immediately see the quality level of translated documents with their own eyes and also make corrections as necessary. Those who are not fluent in a specific language can send a link to their translator who can then review and correct mistakes online. Optionally, users can request idioma to implement the necessary corrections for a modest fee. We are, after all, a company with over 30 years of experience handling more than one hundred language combinations."

Originally developed by idioma, a multi-language translation service provider, CrossCheck has been used for several years as a mandatory part of the company's own Quality Assurance process. Processing millions of words every month, idioma has been continuously improving and fine-tuning the CrossCheck features, with the aim to customize its settings and minimize the occurrence of false errors that other TQA tools suffer from. CrossCheck allows users to customize error-checking profiles to suit their needs and allows them to upload their own glossaries. CrossCheck also offers the option to ignore or hide false errors of a certain type in one click, again saving time and effort in reviewing segments with detected errors.

Most TQA tools available on the market are plug-ins or features of CAT tools and, as such, require a license key. CrossCheck Online is a cloud-based application available to anyone to use for free, supporting all common bilingual file formats with no need to use or own the original CAT tool or translation software the translation was created in.

CrossCheck supports all languages based on the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets and can be reached from

As a completely free, user-friendly yet sophisticated TQA tool, CrossCheck Online is an optimum choice for experienced linguists and non-language professionals from any business industry alike.

idioma Co., Ltd. is a worldwide supplier of language services with 30+ years of experience as a multi-language translation and desktop-publishing service provider. With its head office in Tokyo, Japan, overseas sales offices and a large production and R&D center in Europe, the company serves clients in export-driven industries worldwide. idioma provides customized project management, broad industry-specific knowledge and support by more than 2,000 translators.


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