In the Era of Various Skin Care Ideas, EveLab Insight Reveals the Ultimate Guide to Personalized Skin Care Through Science-Based Skin Analysis

EveLab Insight's skin analysis system Eve M is designed to generate personalized skin reports based on diagnostic modes of different skin shades and facial features

AI Skin Analyzer

Personalized skin care solutions have become the latest trend propelling the beauty industry into a new era. As consumers become more knowledgeable about their skin, they believe there is no one-size-fits-all skin care solution and that brands must tailor products to meet the specialized needs of each consumer. 

It is understood that the causes of skin problems are multifaceted. Genes, skin tone, living environment, etc., can affect the skin so the solutions should not be identical. Consumers' access to knowledge about their skin is more varied than ever. According to research conducted by EveLab Insight, platforms such as YouTube and Instagram are consumers' favorite channels for seeking skin care information as dermatologists are also popularizing skin-related knowledge on social media. With consumers' knowledge of dermatology increasing, they tend to be more confident about their choices in skincare solutions.

Even though they are self-assured in skincare, skin needs to be diagnosed by dermatologists possessing expert insights into skin problems. However, there are barriers to accessing dermatologists due to financial reasons, geological barriers, and referral issues. Based on the same research, some family doctors only refer consumers to dermatologists if there are obvious skin problems. 

In response to consumers' demand, EveLab Insight's skin analysis system was developed. Based on years of dedication to deep-learning, artificial intelligence technology, and skin-related technology, EveLab Insight developed a handheld skin analyzer, an app-based skin analyzer, and AI skin analyzers to help consumers perform precise skin analysis anytime, anywhere. 

Eve M, the panoramic AI skin analyzer, is designed to generate personalized skin reports based on diagnostic modes of different skin shades and facial features. With EveLab Insight's precise and stable algorithm, skin problems can be pinpointed and diagnosed. Ultimately, the system will automatically display the cause and solution in a user-friendly interface. In addition to skin concerns, the system also tells consumers their perceived age, skin type and tone compared to the average condition in EveLab Insight's data bank, which helps consumers better understand their skin overall.

Beyond providing consumers with a more scientific way to understand their skin, EveLab Insight also aims to help beauty companies re-consolidate the trust between brands and consumers. As mentioned earlier, consumers have more access to dermatological knowledge and expect scientific validation of beauty solutions. The AI skin analyzer is a great tool to balance this situation. EveLab Insight has cooperated with global brands such as Dior, Shiseido, etc. In the future, we are looking forward to helping more brands build a symbiotic brand-consumer relationship.

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