India's Solar Power Revolution

The Indian government is to support new solar power initiatives: Zinnia Financial experts expect a rise in photovoltaic demand.

Solar street lights are to be installed in over 100 Indian villages including the Jasra, Karchana and Dhanpur blocks. Zila panchayat has sanctioned funds to UP New and Renewable Energy Development. The installation of streetlights is particularly exciting as it will be the first time these Indian villages have had proper lighting systems.

The Indian government is backing a general switch to solar energy including products for domestic use such as solar lamps and water heaters. Government incentives are seen as a highly positive move during a worldwide energy crisis. Solar energy offers an alternative source of power, and it is also renewable, eco-friendly and extremely quiet to silent.

Additionally, Moser Baer India Ltd. has recently finished its first total conversion of a building's exterior to enable solar power capabilities. Moser Baer India has replaced the window panes at the Jubilee Hills shopping complex with advanced solar panels. Panels such as these use less expensive photovoltaic coatings and have even allowed the Jubilee Hills shopping centre enough energy to power the corridors of the shopping complex.

Experts at Zinnia Financial in Hong Kong expect a rise in the use of photovoltaic technology following its use on the Beijing Olympic stadium and this recent advancement at Jubilee Hills. The progression of solar energy is particularly important when you consider the loss of confidence in nuclear energy following the explosions at Fukushima, Japan.

The solar related technological advancements represent a new age of technology in India. Moder Baer India Ltd's use of solar energy has enabled buildings to increase the use of solar energy in a more aesthetically pleasing manner. Older solar panels were often unsightly but these new panels integrate well with building exteriors. The photovoltaic technology has presented a unique opportunity to convert glass directly into solar panels and consequently convert sunlight directly into electrical solar power.

These moves come at a time when India is preparing to become one of the world's top solar markets. India intends to generate 20GW of solar energy by 2022. The Indian government is supporting the development of solar related technology and business ventures to enable solar power to become a primary source of energy. They are encouraging the production of quality solar goods as well as the establishment of photovoltaic production plants.

The Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency is also positively supporting the solar power shift by granting low interest loans for solar related business ventures.


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