Indie Publisher Ravenage Announces $20 Million Fund to Support Game Developers

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 Ravenage Publishing, a new video games publisher from Eastern Europe, has announced an initiative to support indie developers. With a $20 million fund, Ravenage is now looking for teams that strive to finish the development of their projects and are in the market for additional funding to make it happen. 

Aside from funding, Ravenage provides a ready-made publishing solution for indie developers. Focusing on long-term partnerships with game creators, the publisher aims to provide the most transparent experience so developers can participate in all the activities surrounding the game launch. That's only possible in an environment that encourages fast and clear decisions, which is a core value of Ravenage.

"We are excited to invite developers to collaborate with us," says Elena Morina, CEO and Founder of Ravenage. "Game publishing is a complex process, and sometimes developers are not even aware of the pool of activities behind the word. This causes a lot of frustration - especially for those who have just made their first game. So, our motto is to be completely transparent to our partners and invite them to join our marketing team in an effort to represent the game to the audience."

Ravenage is creating their line-up of games for 2021, which is going to be unveiled in September. Game developers are encouraged to fill in the form on the official website to discuss collaborating with the publisher.

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About Ravenage

Ravenage is founded by a team with a lot of launched titles in their portfolio, united by one trait: substantial developer relations experience. We understand that the decisions have to be clear and lightning fast, so we can build trusting relationships with game creators.

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