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The market has spoken. Job seeking candidates want a public commitment towards pay transparency and inclusion.

Today, is challenging businesses to react to the current environment in the job market. The job market has shown that it is ready for disruption. Candidates require transparency and equity in the workforce. RemoteInclusive is tearing down the walls that keep candidates from applying to open positions. RemoteInclusive is a new remote-only, inclusive, and transparent jobs site. Pay Ranges? Every post has them.

The industry is at the precipice of change in the workspace for the better. States and cities across the United States either require or are about to require pay ranges on job listings in those areas. The benefits of listed pay ranges are vast. Employees will be less likely to leave an organization if pay transparency is part of an organization's compensation philosophy. Another significant advantage is listed pay ranges will lessen the gap for equal pay. When employees are engaged and motivated, they are more likely to be productive and innovative. Salary transparency can help to encourage employee engagement and motivation by giving employees a sense of ownership and control over their work.

The pandemic has shown that remote work is here to stay. The data is clear. A massive seventy-five percent of survey respondents to a survey from OwlLabs say that having a remote option would make them less likely to leave their current position.

Thirty-nine percent of respondents of a recent McKinsey survey found that candidates have turned down or decided not to pursue a job because of a perceived lack of inclusion. treats DEI Policies like a first-class citizen. Not only are such policies required before publishing a new listing, but they're front and center in every post. Investing in diversity, equity, and inclusion drives higher outcomes as diverse talent disrupts a business's decision-making process. has streamlined the job listing process by directly incorporating complete job descriptions into the listing. Gone are the days of duplicating full job descriptions. Focus on what top candidates want most; Pay Ranges, DEI Policies, Team Details, and Interview Processes. A simple 10-minute form will have multiple listings up and running for $150. Promoted listing is always on the homepage throughout the month, is $200—no subscriptions and listings auto-expire.

Creating a job post on shows a business's public commitment to Pay Transparency and Inclusion. Visit: Contact RemoteInclusive directly at [email protected]. For help, contact the team at [email protected].

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RemoteInclusive LLC is a company founded as a response to the overwhelming criticism of job listings today. The market has spoken and candidates are hungry for job posts with pay ranges, interview processes and policies.

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