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New National Recording Artists Sunshine and Bullets couldn't be more appropriately named.

New National Recording Artists Sunshine and Bullets couldn't be more appropriately named.

The group's name brings to mind action and adventure, and that's an excellent way to classify the music of Amanda Hamers (The Blonde), Rich Keane (The ginger) and Kyle Wolfram (Wolfie): an adventure in alternative/rock that definitely rustles up plenty of action.

The oscillating, wicked vocals of Amanda, and Rich combined with the hard-driving, shredding guitars, pulsing bass, and Kyle pounding on the drums, are sure to bring listeners to their feet and their radios blasting from their cars.

Amanda, and Rich share the lead vocal position, depending on the song. Amanda has a unique technique for singing, while slamming each of the four strings on her bass. Then they switch positions for another song, where Rich starts the singing as he punishes his guitars for sport. They both enjoy sharing the main vocal role, as it allows them to be versatile, and offer a wider range of music, without having to have just the one lead singer.

Amanda and Rich have been writing and playing together since 2005, when they met while working for different bands. Soon chemistry was developed between the two, and they broke from their original bands to form Sunshine and Bullets.

The duo became a trio with the addition of Kyle a couple years ago, forming a "triple threat of awesomeness."

Sunshine and Bullets will release their first CD in the summer of 2011, "The Fight for Andromeda"

The band's hit, "I Like Your Style," features Amanda's addicting, energetic voice, a foot-stomping guitar riff and a frenetic drum beat as the lyrics tell of a woman's serious, physical attraction to her guy.

Sunshine and Bullets will soon be touring, having spent a majority of 2010 rocking nightclubs and various music houses-along with putting out their demo CD, "Deep Fried Everything"

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