Jason Roth Joins MyBrandForce as New CEO, Bringing Extensive Expertise to Drive Growth and Innovation

Mr. Roth joining the MyBrandForce leadership team marks an acceleration of sales growth and capitalization for the company

MyBrandForce, the leading provider of field service solutions and real time data for the retail industry, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Roth as its new CEO. With his proven track record of strategic leadership and deep industry knowledge, Roth will spearhead the company's growth initiatives, drive innovation, and deliver exceptional value to its clients. Roth joins MyBrandForce from Next Frontier Holdings, where he served as a senior executive, successfully leading the organization through a period of significant expansion and diversification. His exceptional vision and ability to navigate complex business landscapes make him an ideal fit for MyBrandForce's future goals.

As the new CEO, Roth will leverage his extensive experience to lead the company's overall strategy, focusing on accelerating growth, enhancing customer experiences, and strengthening MyBrandForce's position as the market leader in retail field execution for brands and in providing real time data that drives brand's revenue growth.

"We are thrilled to welcome Jason Roth as the new CEO of MyBrandForce," said George Martinez, who will move into the executive chairman role at MyBrandForce. "His impressive background in driving operational excellence and fostering innovation will be instrumental in guiding the MyBrandForce through its next phase of growth. We are confident that Jason's leadership will strengthen our market position and deliver unparalleled value to our customers."

"I am honored to join MyBrandForce as its new CEO," said Jason Roth. "MyBrandForce has built an outstanding reputation for providing innovative field execution services and real-time observational data, and I am excited to work alongside this talented team to drive growth and deliver value to our clients. Together, we will continue to build on the company's success and unlock new opportunities for expansion."

Roth's appointment as CEO signifies a new chapter for MyBrandForce, as the company positions itself for further success and expansion. With Roth's leadership, MyBrandForce is poised to deliver cutting-edge solutions and exceptional customer experiences to help brands thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace.

About MyBrandForce

MyBrandForce - Disrupting CPG execution and data gathering by bringing the power of AI and an on-demand nationwide work force to radically increase brands' sales and distribution. MyBrandForce is the premier provider of real-time observational market intelligence and field services to consumer companies at the retail shelf.  MyBrandForce deploys a nationwide on-demand workforce to deliver client missions in retail stores across a wide range of channels.

MyBrandForce's innovative platform offers field services, observational analytics, and brand management, providing brands with actionable data to make informed decisions to maximize sales and distribution. The real-time data allows brands to realize maximum retail execution while simultaneously obtaining valuable insights to make data-driven decisions.

Visit www.mybrandforce.com to learn more about how MyBrandForce is revolutionizing retail execution in the Consumer and Retail sector with its disruptive technology platform. Contact us at [email protected] for inquiries.

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MyBrandForce is a retail analytics & merchandising company that deploys on-demand, independent workers to improve Brands' presence and collect real-time observational data at the retail shelf on behalf of brands, retailers, brokers, and distributors

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