Jersey Shore Novelist Fancies Himself a "Dan Brown"

Revelation by Michael Mancini promises to be the summer blockbuster of the year. As religious mystery-thrillers go, it is a must read.

"Revelation by Michael Mancini is sure to be the best selling religious thriller of the summer season!" says the Ocean Book Review, January 2012.

Michael Mancini, a native of the Jersey Shore, has created and published a novel of "biblical" proportions. The nearly 500 page creation entitled Revelation releases through on February 17, 2012.

In true "Dan Brown" fashion, Mancini brings to life a host of characters in a religious thriller that is sure to please. Murder, intrigue, betrayal, and the holy church are twisted together in this spiraling epic in a race to save the most important person in modern history, Jesus Christ. A fictional depiction of the second coming, it is sure to create quite a stir among hardcore Christians and religious zealots. According to Mancini, when Christ comes back this time he returns as a woman!

Born and raised at the Jersey Shore, Michael Mancini has taken the religious fiction genre by storm. Here is an excerpt from the novel Revelation:

Lilith was the fifty-seventh elected leader of the Cavalieri de Satana and she had every intention on going down in history as the primo leader; the capo di tutti cappi. She would be certain that she alone achieved the highest honor known to the Cavalieri. If she was successful in hunting down and slaughtering the living vessel predestined by Christ himself to be used for the Second Coming, her life's work would be vindicated. She alone would make certain the Cavalieri would reign with darkness, evil and fear on the earth for another two thousand years. Lilith would stop at nothing to go down in history as the most powerful and successful leader the Cavalieri had ever known.

More sneak previews are on the website so to all those Angels & Demons and Da Vinci Code lovers, read this book, you won't be disappointed!


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