JobAdder Recruitment Software Sets Its Sights Abroad as It Targets U.K. and Ireland Expansion

CEO Brett Iredale informed recruitment industry reporter Shortlist in October of last year that the company had experienced significant growth in UK. Australian cloud-based software company JobAdder announces expansion in the U.K. and Ireland is a top priority for 2016

​​Following strong year-on-year growth since its inception in 2007, JobAdder has confirmed that expansion in the U.K. and Ireland is a key strategic imperative for 2016.

Currently headquartered in Sydney, Australia, JobAdder is a major player in the recruitment industry, providing software that enables recruitment consultants to recruit efficiently and more effectively.

JobAdder CEO Brett Iredale informed recruitment industry reporter Shortlist in October of last year that the company had experienced significant growth in the U.K. in recent times. “We are winning some good business in the U.K. and it looks to be an exciting new market for us" Iredale said.

Acquisition of a new U.K. and Irish client base is a natural progression for the company, as it is already partnered with a number of job boards that have a strong presence in these regions.

As it is in Australia, there is an abundance of demand for temporary work in the U.K. and Ireland, a reflection of the growing trend of contingent work and of the portion of the population that is made up of temporary residents, among other factors. JobAdder has an extensive network of permanent, contract and temp agencies in its client base, as well as job boards that assist non-native job seekers get work and live abroad, such as WORKgateways. These are well suited to talent acquisition in the U.K. and Irish market.

In its portfolio JobAdder also have specialist job boards dedicated to online recruitment in a number of mainstream sectors of the U.K. workforce. These include for jobs in hospitality, for retail industry roles and that specialise in contract and permanent tech jobs.

Recent recruitment metrics released by Deloitte in their 2015 U.K. Recruitment Index statement indicate strong growth in the recruitment sector in the U.K., which JobAdder intend to capitalize on in the coming year.

Alongside of expansion in the U.K. and Ireland, JobAdder's global growth strategy extends to officially serving EMEA. Specifically, JobAdder is looking to increase its physical presence in the UAE for continued growth.​

JobAdder's international presence also allows the company to provide live Sales and Customer Support services with very close to 24/7 coverage for all clients worldwide.


JobAdder is an Australian software development company that specialises in building cloud-based recruitment software. JobAdder software helps teams and individuals perform the end-to-end process of e-recruitment better and smarter, with an integrated Application Tracking System, Job Posting, Contact Management System, VMS and CRM System.

With an ever expanding network of local and international job boards, as well as a diverse mix of advertising platforms and social media channels, JobAdder allows users to access their extensive network of portals when posting a job ad to target more candidates than ever.

JobAdder is currently used by more than 10,000 recruitment consultants in over 30 countries around the world.

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