Kenya Trip Winners Announced

Carrier sponsored by Kenya Tourism Board to promote Kenya, 2011 Qatar Airways announced the HKSAR winner of Kenya Trip.

If you love the wild life in Africa, lovely animals, delicate handcrafts, tribe culture, or perhaps you want to discover some different African flavours, then Kenya is the destination that can let you experience all that and Qatar Airways can take you there. To promote Kenya, Qatar Airways, sponsored by the Kenya Tourism Board launched a specially designed promotional website and contest in the end of November, 2010, giving passengers the chance to win a trip there simply by selecting a Kenya themed postcard online and sending it to their friends.

After two months of activity, Mr. Leung Kim Hung was selected as the prize winner for HKSAR, receiving a free trip for two to Kenya. Qatar Airways will be flying Mr. Leung Kim Hung and his travel companion for this trip in late May. Kenya Tourism Board will provide accommodation and arrangements for the tour.

Mr. Leung Kim Hung said, "I love Africa, so I truly wish I could be the lucky man can win the micro Africa-Kenya trip, and now it had came about. How wonderful that I am going to take Qatar Airways to Kenya, and my exciting Kenya trip will be started and ended with Qatar Airway's 5 star flight service. "

Qatar Airways Country Manager Greater China Woo Yew Seong said: "We are very pleased with the success and support from our customers and the public for this promotion. We would like to thank the Kenya Tourism Board for their invaluable contributions in making this promotion possible. With Qatar Airways having 14 flights a week via Doha to Nairobi, we are able to offer Chinese travelers convenient and good connections to this wonderful country. After Kenya, Spain and Casablanca campaign successfully accomplish, we gained more loyal passengers, to make further efforts on expanding Qatar Airways' Marketing, we will consider devising more kinds of promotion campaigns in the future. "


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