KMLabs, Inc. Introduces the QM Quantum Microscope

Lab-based Platform Brings Time Resolution and Synchrotron-level EUV Analytics

QM Quantum Microscope Design

KMLabs, Inc., the leader in ultrafast laser technology, today introduces the QM Quantum Microscope for next-generation imaging and analysis. This system is built on the company’s unique, coherent extreme ultraviolet (EUV) and vacuum ultraviolet laser (VUV) sources. The modular QM platform enables high contrast, near-surface-to-subsurface coherent imaging at the nanoscale and can be configured for EUV ultrafast spectroscopy.

KMLabs QM Quantum Microscope™ advanced imaging and analysis solution comprises a high-powered laser amplifier source, EUV or VUV wavelength conversion, a high-efficiency beamline tailored to the user’s experiment, and imaging or other analysis endstations that can effectively cover the microscopy/spectroscopy landscape for nano-to-quantum materials.

Enabling tabletop-scale EUV microscopy, QM is the first new nanoscale microscopy technique for materials since the introduction of scanning-probe techniques; it offers information complementary to SEM (nm-scale resolution) and AFM (surface profile) with elemental selectivity and the ability to probe dynamic processes.

QM configurations can enable laboratory-based high contrast imaging of composition and structure; study of mechanical properties of patterned films; deep understanding of materials properties; and functional characterization of spintronic, 2D, and advanced electronic and aerospace materials.1

Kevin Fahey, KMLabs President and CEO, says, “With the accelerating pace of new materials development, new modalities are needed within the microscopy and analysis suite. QM has been commercially designed to provide users with a faster, easier path to results rather than users having to build advanced analytical equipment themselves. With the QM Quantum Microscope, we essentially build a lab for you.”

The QM Quantum Microscope is at the heart of the imec/KMLabs attolab as a first-of-its-kind functional imaging and interference lithography laboratory. The lab will enable time-resolved nanoscale characterization of complex materials and processes, such as photoresist radiation chemistry, two-dimensional materials, nanostructured systems and devices, and emergent quantum materials. The QM platform for imec encompasses two different EUV sources and four different experimental end stations.

QM Quantum Microscope is immediately available for quotation. The company is actively seeking collaborators for the first commercial installations to develop turnkey solutions.

1.    E-reference guide: Imaging

Source: KMLabs, Inc.


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