Knight Investments LLC work to structure 1 billion USD green energy project in the former USSR

A international meeting was hosted earlier this weekend with key members from the Republic of Aquitaine, Private Sector Companies, and Regulatory Officials to discuss the feasibility of a 1 billion USD Ukraine Based Wind Energy Project

Knight Investments LLC President Jayson Lopez recently began working with a Ukraine Based Wind Energy Project which was founded with the mission to install, operate, and maintain a Wind Power Station in Crimea, Ukraine with 250 wind turbines of 2 MW capacities each for a total capacity of 500 MW.

Assuming a conservative capacity factor of 30%, each wind turbine that the Ukraine Based Wind Energy Project plans on installing is estimated to be capable of generating 5,250 MW of energy annually. There have already been plans for a State Company (Energorynok) to purchase this energy at a tariff fixed until the year 2030 of 11.31 euro cents per kW. Therefore, each wind turbine can be expected to yield annual revenue of €600,000 ($820,000).

Knight Investments LLC Officials were very happy to help structure this project, and contributed approximately 50,000.00 USD in Development, Underwriting, and Compliance Submission documentation.

The Ukraine Based Wind Energy Project 's vision is to be the largest, most efficient, and most profitable producer of wind energy in Ukraine, and to achieve a premium return for its investors, and to significantly reduce poverty and greenhouse gas emissions in Ukraine.

250 wind turbines can be expected to generate 1,312,500 MW of energy annually, yielding annual revenue of €150,000,000 $205,000,000).

The principals of the Ukraine Based Wind Energy Project have extensive experience in company building and stewardship in renewable energy and other highâ€tech industries. An even wider team of individuals within the principals' networks, with expertise in all business disciplines within the renewable energy field, have expressed an interest in working for The Company upon acquisition of funding.

The power generation industry in Ukraine is very much a publicâ€private partnership, wherein investors, companies, Government utilities, regulatory agencies, and Government ministers closely collaborate on new power generation projects.

The principals of The Company have a network of relationships within all stakeholder
groups in Ukraine, which will reduce the barrier to penetration of the wind power eneration market, expedite the necessary approvals and permits, and overall ensure that the Government's longâ€term energy policies continue to favor The Company.

President Jayson Lopez called for a return to basic's when analyzing projects of this scope and met with Baron Christopher Knight Lopez and other key members of the Aquitainian Knights to pull resources together for an estimated 1 billion USD project.


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