Kollab Youth Partners With Mental Health Technologies

Collaborating in Providing Mental Health Testing for Under-Resourced Middle and High School Students

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Kollab Youth has partnered with Mental Health Technologies “MHT” to facilitate mental health testing for Los Angeles County youth to identify those who are interested in improving their mental well-being. 

The Kollab Youth Workforce Development Program is an award-winning 501(c)3 public charity organization and CA DAS Registered Pre-Apprenticeship Program created for under-resourced middle and high school students. For the first round of testing with MHT, students aged 11-17 years old received an email containing a link to take a GAD-A assessment, which screens for adolescent anxiety. Of those students tested, we found that 35% had mild anxiety, 35% had moderate anxiety, 14% had severe anxiety, and 14% had none. 

“Our program has been focused on Social & Emotional Wellness since the beginning and having their assessments as another tool to identify youth who seek additional resources and help, is paramount to their continued mental well-being,” said Mary Hewitt, CEO, Kollab Youth Workforce Development. The data provided by MHT allows Kollab Youth to provide students with the necessary resources and help during their mental fitness journey.

MHT’s SmarTest™ is a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant platform for screening and recurring testing for Mental Disorders, Learning Disorders, Addictions, Wellness, ADD/ADHD, and Chronic Pain.

Learn more about how MHT can automate the mental health & substance abuse screening process for health care providers at www.mhtech.com


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